How To Hide Spider Veins, Stretch Marks, And More This Bikini Season!

How to hide bikini marks

Whoever has not hated that moment when he is in the changing room of his favorite store, seeing how that strapless crop top suits him that is the latest trend , and realizing that … he has the brand bikini after being in the pool the day before! Yes, it is a roll, but the world is not ending and hiding the bikini brands is easier than you think, although perhaps you can also join the latest fashion of many models such as Kendall Jenner , Chiara Ferragni or Bella Hadid and walk with them all summer without giving a damn about anything. But while you think about it and, above all, if you have an event in the next few days in which you have to show cleavage and look forhide the bikini marks , we give you the tricks to be able to do it and that your tan is more uniform. 

Tips to hide bikini marks

+ The best thing would be to sunbathe as you came to the world, but we know that it is difficult, but if you dare we always recommend that you drop by a nude beach or, in the absence of one in the big cities, get on the terrace of your house (be careful, with the neighbors) without the bikini top and gradually picking up color in that part. 

+ Another trick is to buy two types of bikinis, one strapless and another attached to the neck or with side straps, and take turns throughout your day at the beach or in the pool. This way you avoid the bikini mark, although your skin will tan more slowly.  

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+ If you have not yet come down to sunbathe, but you want to prevent what we have just told you from happening to you, you can give yourself some sessions of UVA rays and then put into practice what was said in point 1 and 2. 

+You can also buy a bikini with a fabric called transol. Do you know them? They are swimsuits and bikinis that allow you to have a more comprehensive tan, thanks to the fact that their fabric allows 80 percent of ultraviolet rays to pass through. 

Another option, but this emergency, is to apply some self-tanner (you have them available in different formats and textures), although it is not 100% successful, since your skin tone is totally different from that of creams. 

+ Finally, we give you a homemade recipe that, although it does not help to disguise the bikini marks , it does to exfoliate, eliminate dead skin cells and unify your tone to start from the beginning. Mix coarse sea salt with a little almond oil and rub it all over your body. Your skin will look like new! 

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