How to lose weight with oatmeal water

Oatmeal water is an excellent alternative to lose weight, it also provides us with wonderful benefits to improve our health by generating a better quality of life, find out!

The avena It can help us keep weight at bay thanks to the fiber and a feeling of satiety that it gives us, it is diuretic, avoids stress and insomnia due to its carbohydrates, only 100 grams of oats cover 40% of daily vitamin needs B1. This vitamin is essential for the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

The avena is a cereal that stands out as one of the healthiest foods that we can consume due to its high content of fiber, vitamins, including vitamin B1, it also contains proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, healthy fats, trace elements, and beta-glucans, the Which offer us a source of energy and vitality, contributes to losing weight without suffering too much and without going so hungry, when consuming this cereal it can not only be consumed in drinks we can also eat it in different presentations, in cookies, juices, in flakes with yogurt or fruit, the latter highly recommended for breakfast.

Benefits of oatmeal water for weight loss

Oatmeal water contributes to weight loss: When oatmeal is consumed, our body feels fuller and the level of anxiety decreases by a high percentage.

It also improves physical condition when exercising, changes metabolism and increases performance, if you drink oatmeal water about an hour before exercise you can feel more energy.

Oatmeal water helps us improve sleep and therefore not suffer from insomnia. It has been shown that not sleeping for 8 hours a day can lower the levels of leptin in our body, which is an appetite suppressing hormone that can be affected and consequently anxiety when eating at critical times of the day is triggered.

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Oats have blood sugar lowering effects, keeping you fuller for longer, without increasing sugar. So it is a recommended cereal for diabetic people.

This cereal reduces hypertension due to its high content of soluble fiber that helps lower blood pressure.

Also 60 grams of oats daily can control cholesterol and triglycerides avoiding heart disease.

Prevents constipation, helps good intestinal transit due to the amount of fiber it contains.

Oatmeal water is a strong ally for burning fat, you can learn how to prepare it in an easy and simple way by following these simple steps.

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To make oatmeal water you need the following ingredients

  • A cup of oatmeal
  • A liter of water
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Stevia to taste
  • Ice to taste


The preparation is very simple and depends on the taste of each person, the oatmeal is liquefied with the water, then it is boiled for 5 minutes and left to cool. If it is to your liking, you can leave it without straining because it has a good amount of fiber that helps us evacuate better, add ice, cinnamon, add a little stevia and it is ready to drink, the rest is placed in a claw and is can refrigerate up to a week.

The ideal is to drink oatmeal water twice a day and try for a month, it should be taken into account that all food and drink must be accompanied by exercise and a good diet to notice changes and results, it is necessary to indicate that not all organisms are the same and some take longer than others.

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