How to make rice water facial toner for face

Rice is a very popular food in the culture of Asian countries, both in cooking and in skin care so that it always looks beautiful. A clear example of this is the tonic that is prepared with rice water, it is a homemade option that manages to calm irritated skin, removes impurities, helps the area to be free of excess shine and prevents acne . All this makes your skin look very healthy without having to invest too much time or money, you just have to be constant and patient when it comes to obtaining the results.

Another of the great benefits attributed to this homemade tonic is its anti-aging effect. It is said to be one of the best beauty secrets of all Asian women and it is simple to prepare. Remember that this is only one of the steps in the care routine that you must establish, since your face needs special attention, so do not forget to use a mild soap, even if you did not wear makeup all day . Try to exfoliate your skin regularly, as well as have a sunscreen to avoid major problems.

Why use the rice water tonic?

This is a multi-purpose facial toner, so you can get a lot of benefits in one product. First of all, it helps you gently cleanse the skin, as it is hypoallergenic, it also has inositol, which activates the formation of cells and helps with circulation. This what it does is reduce the appearance of open pores and allows your skin to appear with more vitality. Another possible advantage is that it brightens your face and eliminates those spots caused by the sun or hormonal changes. Finally, there is its ability to help those who suffer from skin problems, such as rosacea, as it is good at soothing irritations.


Rice contains many nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamin B1, C and E, as well as ferulic acid, among other compounds that are good for the health of the skin and that it is radiant. With its frequent application you help to fade any imperfections, leaving the skin well hydrated, soft and with that characteristic milky shine.

Homemade tonic with rice water

You will not have any inconvenience in acquiring its ingredients, since you only need water and rice, preferably organic, apart from that a container with a lid and a strainer. Remember that to enhance the effects the best thing is to have a care routine for day and night, in the same way complementing with a healthy diet and sufficient hydration, since everything you provide to nourish itself well, will be reflected on the outside. In energy, the skin of your face, hair and nails, which are very important parts for most women.

How to prepare it?

  • First option: You must mix a glass of water with half a cup of rice in a container, then cover it and let it rest overnight. After time, you can use the strainer and the tonic will be ready.
  • Second option: Add the water and rice in a pot to boil, then strain the liquid and keep it in the jar, which can last one to two weeks maximum. Remember to wash the grains well before using it.
  • If you want it to be the best ally for aging, you must be consistent and have healthy habits.

How is your application? 

  • To apply this natural tonic it is necessary to use a cotton ball and soak it with rice water. Try to stir the water with a wooden spoon before use, as well as keep your face clean.
  • Now you must pass this natural tonic all over your face, do not leave any free space and finally lower it to the neck area, which is often forgotten and is an important part of your image. You will notice how your skin will be smoother, oil-free and in natural light, this if you let it act for a long time.
  • Rice water is also useful for hair, giving it shine. Apply it after washing it and let it act for a few minutes, now it only remains to rinse and voila, let it be part of your beauty routine.
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