How to remove hickeys from the neck quickly

Hiccups are bruises that form on the neck, but they can become a bit uncomfortable or uncomfortable because as blood concentrates under the skin, it can appear as a purple, red or even black spot. This can last a couple of hours or maybe one or more days, for which, even if we use torture neck jackets all the time and scarves that cover that area, it will continue to be a bit annoying as the days go by.

That is why the best solution to these pacifiers in the neck area is to eliminate them immediately with home remedies that you can make at home with natural ingredients that you can easily get or even foods that you already have at your fingertips.

1-Apply heat to the area

Applying a little heat to the area can make the blood circulate faster and this way the hickey will disappear. You can take a cloth, soak it in hot water and put it on the pacifier, press for a while and now, you can repeat this several times until it disappears completely.

2-Get a massage

You can also try to massage yourself with the fingertips of two of your fingers and a little coconut oil, almond oil or some cream, you can make circular movements around for a minute, then pause and resume another minute but with movement towards a single direction, so you can keep changing. These massages will help the blood circulate quickly and spread to the surroundings.


Alcohol is a very very effective tool, only that it works if you apply it immediately after it appears, if you do it hours later you will not see much result. To apply it, you just have to smear a little alcohol on a cotton ball and apply it to the area making circular movements to the same side and two minutes later you change your direction.

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4- Ice

Ice is perhaps the most effective strategy to eliminate hickeys, since when applied to the area, the blood vessels will constrict and this will stop the bleeding. However, if you apply the ice cubes directly, they can cause burns in the area, then what we recommend is that you put some ice cubes in a towel and what you put in contact with the skin and the towel.

5-Mint tea

What the mint will do is help reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation, in such a way that when applying it, the pacifier will be eliminated faster. First you can prepare the mint tea bag in hot water, take the bag and put it on the hickey for a few minutes, then put it in the fridge to make it cold and put it back on the area, thus alternating the temperatures of the bag .

6-Vitamin K

Another element that can help you is vitamin K, since it stimulates clotting and therefore the clots will be absorbed and the hickeys will disappear soon. While you have a hickey, you can eat foods rich in vitamin K, such as broccoli, spinach, chard, lettuce or parsley.

7- Cold  spoon 

The cold spoon is another strategy of giving this area a little cold so that blood circulation accelerates right in this place, and likewise the hickey disappears faster. You just have to put a metal spoon in the fridge or freezer to cool it a bit, then you take it out and put it on the area, you can do this several times until it is removed.

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