Among the various divination techniques, a pendulum can be used. In this case, our own intuition is emphasized in order to find answers to the questions that most concern us. Find out what the pendulum divination method consists of and how you should use a pendulum to make the right decisions.

how to use a pendulum

A pendulum is an object that swings because it is hung from another object. You can make your own pendulum by using a chain, string or thread and tying a small object such as a pendant, washer, ring or key to the end. You can also buy a pendulum, but remember that for it to work and help you make decisions, the chain should be between 10 and 15 centimeters long.

Just as tarot cards and other objects are used by women and men in different methods of esotericism, it is true that the pendulum is well known. It is necessary to find a pendulum with good vibrational energy in tune with the four elements of nature.

Through dowsing, the forces of the pendulums and the sensitivity of the hands are studied, and a series of decisions are obtained thanks to a high degree of concentration. This technique uses different artifacts, such as pendulums or angled metal rods. From the point of view of science, dowsing is explained as an ideomotor effect, i.e. by the unconscious and automatic movements of a person. Unlike the most widespread types of superstitions that are based on protecting or bringing luck, the pendulum seeks a connection with the inner self.

Tips for using the pendulum as a method of divination

Through the exercise of the pendulum, the world of intuitions and instincts is put into action. These are the steps to using the pendulum to answer different questions:

  • To begin using a divinatory pendulum, you must be in a private and quiet place, free of electrical equipment so that the energies do not interfere.
  • Sit down and avoid crossing your legs or arms.
  • Now place the pendulum on the frontal chakra or third eye, that is, in the middle of the two eyes and concentrate. You should hold it between your thumb and index finger.
  • This is the moment to elaborate on a simple question whose answer is yes or no. This object can not answer ambiguous questions. This object can not answer ambiguous questions or questions that require a broad answer.
  • With your forearm resting on a table, you let the pendulum swing while you wait for the answer.
  • Depending on the movements of the pendulum, your answer will be one or the other. If the pendulum has no movements, it is necessary to repeat the question. If it makes straight movements horizontally, the answer is no, and if it makes straight movements vertically, the answer is yes.
  • Finally, you should know that pendulums made with crystal materials are intended to heal the chakras and sometimes it is common to see some professionals who have specific boards for pendulums to answer questions more easily.
  • It is vital to remain calm when asking questions, since bad energy can intervene in the answer. It is essential to have faith and concentrate to get a good answer as well as satisfactory results.
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Now that you know how to use the pendulum as a divinatory method, you should be aware that it is popularly used to find things, predict or choose places. In addition to revealing specific circumstances, situations, and other matters of interest, Guessing the future with the pendulum is one of its most relevant uses.