How to Use Reverse Psychology on Your Kids

They say, as a joke, that the curriculum of parents is infinite: they must be teachers, nurses, doctors, playmates, experts in all the subjects that their children study in school, etc. And, many times, it is also necessary to have knowledge of Psychology to know how to deal with the smallest of the house and solve, without entering into discussions with children, tense situations.

How to Use Reverse Psychology on Your Kids

An example is the application of reverse psychology, a behavioral technique that, according to the specialist in the field Gloria Ramír, is based on asking someone for something to achieve the opposite. A way to awaken that interest in what is prohibited and that, in the case of children, takes advantage of this tendency to rebellion and disobedience that their children have in front of what their parents order them.

Using reverse psychology with children

Ramírez indicates that reverse psychology should be applied when making children reason is not enough to convince them to follow a certain norm. Keep in mind that some children have a strong and challenging, sometimes even dominant, character in their relationship with the rest of the members of a household. An example of this are those conversations in which they always want to take the opposite in front of everything they hear.

These children do not like to be told by their parents what to do, and by using reverse psychology, the little ones believe that they have done what they want. An example is the one that this specialist proposes: “it is good that you do not eat the snack, so we will have more for us”. In this way, the child will think that others will eat his food, so he will act accordingly…

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Of course, this psychologist warns that this technique should not be used constantly since there can be adverse effects, such as the reduction of their self-esteem. Therefore, it must be used with restraint, as has been said before in the first place we will always have to dialogue with the children and make them understand why their behavior is not entirely correct. And this is how great changes in the behavior of children will really be achieved: when they reason why a rule is acceptable.

How to make children reason

Here are some tips that will allow parents to educate their children, using reason, to achieve their goals, offered by the professionals of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

– Show them affection and recognize their achievements.

– Help them develop a sense of responsibility, starting from giving them roles in the development of household chores.

Talk to children about their day at school, their friends, and things they would like to do in the future.

– Help children set achievable goals; in this way, you will learn to be proud of your achievements, and to rely less on the approval and recognition of others.

– Teach them the value of patience, for example, to wait their turn and finish their tasks and duties before going to play. To do this, nothing better than encouraging him to think about the possible consequences of doing something.

– Set clear rules and respect them. You have to be clear about these behaviors, which ones are acceptable and which ones are not.

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