How to wax your bikini line – Steps and Tips

Summer is coming and most of us want to show off a well-groomed body when we go to the beach or the pool, although what looks well-groomed and what doesn’t so much depends on the eyes that see it and, in the end, it is you or yourself who has to like it. However, the issue of body hair is something that affects us all and even more so the one that has to do with our most sensitive areas. Nowadays, there are many techniques to remove hair from our body, depending, for example, on our endurance to discomfort. However, when it’s time to put on our favorite bikini or swimsuit, we usually want to have our bikini lines waxed and, therefore, you may be wondering what are the types of hair removal for the groins and how to do it in the best way.

How to wax your bikini line

That is why, in this wellbeingstyle article, we are going to tell you how to wax your bikini line in the most effective way so that you feel comfortable and confident this summer.

Types of bikini waxing

When choosing the type of waxing we want to do, it is good to take into account how our bikini bottom is going to be in order to know what shape we will have to give to our hair. The four main styles that you can choose from are:

  • Classic: it is the least painful as it is the one that depletes the least area, since only the hair that protrudes from the natural shape and expands towards the legs and the lower part of the belly is removed.
  • American: it is based on the square shape to remove all the excess and, in addition, can be adapted to almost any type of bikini. However, it also covers the lip area, so it will be more uncomfortable than the classic one.
  • Brazilian: Brazilian bikini waxing is almost identical to the American style, but making a thinner triangular shape, ideal when wearing smaller bikinis in this front area. Here, you can learn more about how to do Brazilian waxing at home.
  • Integral: as the name suggests, this involves removing all the hair in its entirety, leaving the entire pubic area without a trace of it.
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How to wax your bikini line step by step

The bikini line area is a much more sensitive area than the legs or arms. That’s why if you don’t have much experience, we recommend you to go to a specialist beauty salon, although if you decide to do it yourself at home, our advice is to use quality products that do not irritate the area. There are two waxing techniques for waxing the bikini area, cold wax or hot wax, and each has its own procedure:

Waxing the bikini line with hot wax

  1. You should always follow the instructions of the product but, in essence, you should melt the wax until it is hot and liquid.
  2. With the help of a wooden spatula, apply it in the area previously delimited with the desired shape and having washed and dried well.
  3. The hot wax should be applied respecting the direction of hair growth.
  4. Let it dry for a few seconds.
  5. Once it has dried and a bottom edge can be grasped with the hands, the other hand should be placed on the surrounding skin and pulled taut to facilitate removal without stretching the skin too much with the wax itself.
  6. Next, pull firmly in the opposite direction of hair growth, where you have been able to lift the edge of the wax, to ensure that it comes out from the root with a quick, energetic movement.

Waxing the bikini lines with cold wax

This technique is usually faster but also more painful than hot waxing because the pores do not open the same and, when pulling out the hair, the skin may suffer more. It is usually marketed in cold wax strips.

  1. Exfoliate the skin in the area, if possible do it a few days before waxing.
  2. When you go to wax, wash the area with lukewarm or slightly warm water, so the pores will open and the hair will come out better.
  3. Dry the area well.
  4. Rub the wax strips in your hands to warm them a little and separate them.
  5. Place the cold wax strip on your groin and press it in the direction your hair grows, i.e., in the direction of your hair growth.
  6. With one hand tighten your skin and with the other hand grab one end of the strip and pull it in the opposite direction of hair growth, i.e., backwards from when you placed it.
  7. Repeat the process with the other groin.
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Tips for bikini line waxing without pain

Waxing the bikini line at home can be a great help and much cheaper than in a beauty salon, although if we are not sure if we will do it right or any other doubt, it is best to go to a professional. Be that as it may, it is advisable to take into account a number of factors before and after waxing so that our skin does not suffer:

Before waxing the bikini lines

  • If you want to know how to wax your bikini line without hurting, the only thing we can assure you is that it is best not to be near the days of menstruation or just with this, since the skin is more sensitive and you may feel more discomfort or pain than when you depletes in the days more distant from the period.
  • Clean the area well to avoid infections.
  • Do not apply the wax on areas with burns or wounds.

After waxing your bikini lines

  • Moisturize the area well with moisturizing and refreshing products, such as aloe vera.
  • Remove all traces of wax thoroughly.
  • Do not sweat a lot or play sports for a few hours as the skin can become irritated more easily.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun the same day to avoid irritation.
  • Here you can read more tips on How to wax.