Is washing your hair every day bad for you?

Hair health is a topic that interests all people who want to wear a beautiful mane in any season of the year and without having to resort to dozens of products to achieve it. That is why recommendations, natural remedies, expensive treatments or beauty routines have become more and more frequent.

Is washing your hair every day bad for you

For many years, a question has been on the table that has to do with the basis of good hair condition. This is the famous question of how many times a week you have to wash your hair. Following in this line, in this article of wellbeingstyle we tell you if washing your hair every day is bad, and we give you a series of tips so that your hair always looks healthy and beautiful.

Is washing your hair every day bad or good?

Many people have asked themselves this question throughout their lives, each with a hair type, age and circumstance. Precisely, the context is the main factor to be able to answer this great doubt. And, although it sounds cliché, there are as many types of hair as beauty routines.

Your hair may be long and curly and does not need so many washes before looking really oily or, on the contrary, your hair is smooth, and you immediately notice those annoying shines on the scalp. You may be a teenager with revolutionized hormones or your hair may have been curly for so long that it has radically changed its behavior. All this, without a doubt, affects the day to day of your hair and its corresponding care.

Usually, most hairdressers, dermatologists, and beauticians recommend that, as far as possible, you avoid washing your hair every day. However, they insist on debunking the myth that a daily wash can get your hair unaccustomed and make it weaker.

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The decision to wash your hair will have to do with the needs of each hair and the production of sebum that the scalp is performing. This can be conditioned, as we announced, by hormonal changes, changes in the environment and pollution, as well as by external treatments or the type of hair.

What to do to not wash your hair every day

We provide you with the best tricks so that you do not wash your hair every day and look a mane in perfect condition:

  • Brush your hair before going to sleep
  • Change the side-line
  • Avoid straight hairstyles
  • Wash brushes often
  • Pick up your hair

As for washing, professionals recommend using warm water for proper hygiene. We also emphasize that washing the hair with dry shampoo is an alternative that has become very fashionable and that is really effective. If you want to know how to dry wash your hair, do not miss this article.

How often you have to wash your hair

The appropriate time to determine how often the hair should be washed will depend on the state and appearance in which it is. What is certain is that a good health of your hair and scalp has a lot to do with the hygiene that is carried out. Therefore, it should be checked how often the sebum is produced to remove the excess fat, since it could cause a weakening and fall. We show you the two types of hair along with their washing days:

  • A curly and / or dry hair can last up to 5 or 6 days without washing since it produces much less amount of sebum.
  • A straight hair may require a daily wash to keep it clean, since some tend to be greasy and have undergone repeated dyeing.
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When washing, we must know very well what type of shampoo to choose so that it favors our scalp and follow a good routine that guarantees proper hair care. It would be useless to wash your hair only with water or force yourself to keep it a few days without washing with the idea of making it more resistant. The most supported reality is that you must provide your hair with the care it needs, whether daily or spaced.

How to wash your hair every day properly

One of the keys to be able to determine how many times a week you have to wash your hair, is to correctly perform this routine and leave your hair as prepared as possible until the next wash. Next, we take the basic steps for proper care and hygiene:

  1. Brush the hair well before moistening it to stimulate it, remove traces of products and facilitate untangling.
  2. Place an amount of shampoo according to your hair volume in your hand and lather with it, then place it at the root of the scalp.
  3. Massage for a few minutes to stimulate the bloodstream and relax the pores.
  4. Rinse the remains of soap with plenty of water and finish with a jet of cold water to provide more shine.

With these simple steps and avoiding the common mistakes when caring for your hair, you will get a clean and healthy hair. Based on it and while it takes to get dirty again, we can determine how often it would be advisable to wash it in each case, although it is always more advisable that you consult with a specialist.

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  • Do not abuse conditioners or masks as they can produce more oil in the hair.
  • Make sure you use a shampoo and treatment appropriate to your needs.
  • Apply the shampoo to the root and let the rest of the hair wash as it slides.
  • Opt for natural treatments that are not so aggressive to your hair.