Join the zero sagging challenge with these arm exercises

If what you want is to get rid of sagging in the arm area, then including these simple exercises will be of great help, just make sure to maintain the proper technique and supplement with good nutrition. If you are really consistent with your healthy habits, in less than thought you will be able to eliminate the famous bat wings that are quite uncomfortable. Now you will wear the clothes that you like the most without any problem.

Remember that it is important to let your muscles rest before starting a routine again, experts suggest that two days a week is ideal to work on your arms. Regarding weight, they recommend that it is best to start with little and increase as training progresses. Next, we show you 3 exercises to perform from anywhere, you only need a dumbbell and a sturdy chair.

1-Dumbbell Triceps Kick

  • For this first exercise you need to stand up and hold a dumbbell with your right hand, then lean forward, if you wish you can lean on the wall or another surface that is fixed. You should also keep your left leg further forward than your right and with your knees slightly bent.
  • Now begin to flex and extend your right arm, just try to do it with smooth and continuous movements, after completing the indicated repetitions, continue with the movement on the other side. Aim to complete 2 sets of 15 reps each, but taking 2 minutes of rest between sets.

triceps Dips

  • In this exercise you need to have your back to a bench or chair that is safe and then rest your hands on the surface, keeping your elbows bent and close to your body. Your legs are straight, but with the knees slightly bent, while supporting the heels, as shown.
  • From this position and in a smooth, as well as controlled movement you should lower your body until the elbows can form a 90 degree angle, go back and repeat. Try to perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions each, taking into account taking a 2-minute break before continuing with the indicated series.
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3-Dumbbell Triceps Extension

  • In this last exercise you will have to hold the dumbbell you have been working with with both hands, so stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Remember to keep your back straight and your gaze straight ahead. The next step is to bring the weight above your head and in a controlled movement lower behind your head. Hold for a few seconds before gently returning to position. Try to keep your abdominal muscles contracted throughout the development of the movement. Continue with the exercise following the same repetitions as in the others.

What other exercises can help?

There are many movements that you can include so that you are closer and closer to your dream arms, since in most cases the flaccidity in this area is due to being overweight, although it can also be the result of a drastic weight loss, as well as it influences the passage of the years, the diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

Luckily, taking care of what you eat and exercising would help solve the problem when there is not a lot of excess skin. Do the traditional push-ups or push-ups, incline row, vertical row, reverse fly, shoulder press, chin-ups, and arm circles. You may be interested in practicing boxing, because with fast and repetitive blows you could shape your arms, all are good options for you to be able to vary your workouts.