maternity bra: Is it advisable to wear a maternity bra?

maternity bra

The maternity bra supports the breasts after the growth that occurs during pregnancy. It prevents the pressure from stretching the ligaments and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

From the first weeks of pregnancy, the breasts begin to grow, so it is convenient to start using maternity. You will wonder why not continue wearing the normal bra. The answer is that it will quickly start to bother you, and it can become unbearable due to the sensitivity that develops in this area.

Using it prior to breastfeeding will get you used to it. This is because these types of bras specialize in giving you support and comfort since they have been designed to facilitate the breastfeeding process. Contrary to your everyday bra, you don’t have to remove it or stretch the straps to wear it.

Its use is recommended for all pregnant and lactating women, even if they have not used any type of bra before. The exact moment to begin with its use is when the weight rises, causing pain or when the bra for daily use tightens.

What is special about the maternity bra?

Perhaps in aesthetic terms, the maternity bra is not so special, but without a doubt, its services at this stage make it an ally of comfort. They are usually larger than the common bra, with wider straps and a strip under the cups for more weight support.

On the other hand, they are usually lined with cotton, which helps to avoid allergies and gives a feeling of softness, especially because at this stage, the breasts become more sensitive. They also have extra snaps on the back to be able to expand it as the breast grows and designs that allow access to the nipple without having to remove it.

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Recommendations for choosing a good maternity bra

Choosing a maternity bra is an important decision. He will be a great ally during this important stage and must provide all possible support. Here are some recommendations that can facilitate the choice.

maternity bra


Bra design is very important. Ideally, it should be tailored to your particular needs and breast size. Large breasts require a shape that creates the most support possible.

In addition, the maternity market has grown so much that it is possible to find beautiful designs that generate confidence and security for mothers, increasing their self-esteem.


Another important aspect is comfort. The stage of motherhood and breastfeeding is beautiful, but mothers know that there are many aspects that are difficult to handle, such as staying up late and caring for the baby, as well as adding a garment that tightens and generates pain. So, prioritize comfort when choosing your maternity bra.


Maternal bras are characterized by helping to support the extra weight that the breasts gain during pregnancy and lactation due to the increase in female hormones and the accumulation of fat in the mammary glands.

It is the wide straps and the wide base that is located under the glasses that contribute the most to this. The cross strips also contribute to this objective.

It is important to avoid the use of rigid underwire bras, which can affect the breasts’ natural growth, obstruct the flow of blood and milk during breastfeeding. This last aspect is harmful, as it can trigger inflammation of the breasts, that is, mastitis.

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Breast growth can cause itching and stretch marks, so the material is essential to avoid adding irritation or allergies that worsen these symptoms. Cotton is a natural, breathable, and skin-friendly material that can be used in both the maternal and underwear of the baby.


As we have said throughout the article, it is important that the bra does not squeeze the breasts, so you have to buy one of the appropriate sizes. A quick option is to buy a size larger than that of daily use. You can also rely on these tips to always get it right:

  • To find your size in number, measure the length of the torso below the breasts with a metric quotation.
  • Take the same measurement at the height of the breasts. The difference compared to the previous measurement will give you the size of the cup.

Is it advisable to wear a maternity bra?

After explaining the benefits of using the maternity bra, you must agree that yes, its use is recommended. In addition to improving the quality of life during this important stage, it will prevent the appearance of stretch marks and unnecessary discomfort.

The most important thing in the selection process is that you feel comfortable in every way, so the invitation is to explore the different options offered by the market until you find the one that suits your body type, the size of your breasts, and what meets your expectations during motherhood.

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