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Moon Water: How to Make and Use Magical Moon Water

moon water
moon water

The moon water is a very rare thing. Even though most of the other people haven’t studied the moon water and although we are not familiar with the moonlight water. 

There is a main fact about the moon. This is a fact, many famous people wouldn’t agree. That is regarding the power and the strong nature of the moon. Aside from that, the power of the moon could be also introduced as magic or else manifestation. Basically, the moon is ruling over some substances of the moon just like the subtle aspects and the subconscious strategies of the moon. By comparing with the ancient currents the formation of the moonlight water is a main natural function. Actually, what is moonlight water? 


moon water is the water formed through the moon rays. The moon water could be easily prepared by keeping some water in the moonlight outdoors. As we all know, there is a direct link between the moon and the water. The best example is the tides of the ocean. The tides of the ocean would be dependent on the eclipse pattern of the moon. That is a strong connection with the moonlight and the water. That is actually not the water. That is the element of the water. 

After preparing such water with the moonlight, there might be many uses. The water with the moonlight could be added to the purposes that everywhere water wanted. To the flowering plants and bathing purposes too. Use it for the cleaning of your own house. But there is still another problem. That is how to prepare the moon water? 


  • Initially, a container or a jar required 
  • Then the water has to be taken. Make sure that the water comes from a protective source. That means the water has to be safe for consumption. Take water from a good conditioned source 
  • Before putting the water into the containers you have to label them. Definitely, the date that you have recovered water to the moonlight and the phase of the moon has to be mentioned. 
  • If you are going to use safe crystals for the water take some of those. Take such water safe crystals such as rose quartz and clear quartz. 
  • When you are forming moonlight water, if you would desire add more herbs. There are such types of protective herbs in here. 
  • There are types of protective herbs like the mugwort. And lavender can be used for cleansing purposes. For enhancing the positive energy, the sweetgrass can be used. 
  • Although to burn the herbs a fire source is required. If it is lighter it is better. Even take a container to the burning process too. 
  • Do that the whole procedure of the formation of the moonlight water has to be done with a peaceful mind and calm nature. 

In that way, the moonlight water can be prepared finally and easily. To form this moonlight water, the water has to be kept under the moonlight over one night. It could be better when keeping the water for a whole night. The lunar energy is more potential. Therefore the formation of the moonlight water is easy.

But the moon water preparation won’t be able to do on all phases of the moon. If it is a full moon day, never mind that. Anyone could simply do it while there is a full moon. That is known to be the gibbous moon. But don’t do that in the eclipse. Because when an eclipse is taking place, it usually overpowers the lunar energy. That means the eclipse energy is stronger than the lunar energy. That is not better. Therefore don’t do the preparation of moonlight water in this type a day. 

Although prior to the formation of moonlight water the zodiac sign of the moon has to be checked. Because that would be affected the energy level of the moonlight water. The moon is ruled under the venus. Venus is the most popular goddess for love, affection, and caring. Therefore the moonlight water will contribute to the same qualities. If the full moon is ruling by Mercury, that water can be claimed for the voice. By following the steps successfully the moonlight water can be formed. Just follow them. 

Steps of the formation 

  • Start the process by cleaning the container. And then make smoke by the herbs that have been collected previously. 
  • Then again clean the containers with the smoke that has prepared by the herbs. 
  • Then paste the label including every fact. 
  • Add the required crystals to the bottom of the taken containers. 
  • Finally, add the water required for converting the moonlight water. 
  • Then keep the water container outside in a place that gains the best moonlight source. Sometimes you wouldn’t be able to explore the continuous moon rays which fall on the jar, but still, the water could gain the energy stored. 

Here not only the turning normal water to the moonlight water would take place. But you can gain just a small time to connect with the universe. Actually, this is like a meditation with the moonlight. Thank the universe for allowing us to connect with the power of it via the moonlight. Then leave the container with water to make moonlight water. 


Now the moonlight water formation has finished. What is next? Here are the things that you can do by the moonlight water. 

  • The moonlight water can be used for cleansing. Think about the most valuable objects just like the ritual tools. 
  • Addition of the water for the ritual bath 
  • Water to the plants by moonlight water  
  • Prepare a spray or air freshener for your home by adding necessary things required for the fragrance and the oils
  • Take the water as a drink 
  • Use the water prepared by moonlight to cleaning their own body. 

If there are more other uses that could be taken with the moonlight water, apply the water for such purposes. Even try to prepare water with moonlight power on your own. Although keep the important facts in mind when to do that and what are the things required.

moon water

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