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Moon Water: How to Make and Use Magical Moon Water

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moon water
moon water

Full moons have so much beauty and energy. This is an excellent time to re-evaluate your life and your choices and start fresh if you feel you need it. There are about twelve full moons each year, and they give you a chance to make their eccentricity positive. One creative way you can do that? Make moon water!

Moon water is the water in which the moon’s light is charged in the fullest sense of the word. According to the Well + Good website, drinking moonwater can cleanse and energize you for the coming month. Sure, you’re left with the results and how much you would love to restart, but if you’ll feel a little lost, it’s worth a try.

Charging your water with the moon’s power is incredibly easy, and we’ve outlined a simple process below. One note of well+ good is that if you decide to make moon water, make sure you never charge it in the light of an eclipse because it has bad juju.

Astronomer Channy Nicholas told the publication, “Solar eclipses are not the moons you need to use energy. We want to work with eclipses in a way that helps to remove debris from our system gently.” With that in mind, keep reading how to make your moonwater to start your month right.


Here’s how to make your moon water in 5 simple steps.

Select a container for water

It can be any container you want to use. Consider choosing an intentional container for what you want to water your moon, but any container will suffice. Fill it with water.

Surround your container with Crystals

Well, + good, this step is addressed as an option, but we think it would be a good idea to include it. Choose any stick that suits your intentions and place them around your water bowl. If you charge your moon water without a clear goal or intent, maybe go with a few quartz sts. They are a great healing and clarifying stalk that connects well with the moon’s charge.

place Your Container in the Path of the Moon’s Light

This is an important part: put your water bottle where the moon shines brightly. Your best bet is to keep it outdoors, but make sure it can soak up the moonlight.

Leave it overnight, and have fun in the morning.

Use moonwater as you wish – drink it and spray it around your house, room, wash your hair – the choice is yours!

moon water

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