Moon Water: How to Make and Use Magical Moon Water

Do you know the Full Moon Water or Lunar Water? Full Moon Water is water that has absorbed the properties of the energy of the Full Moon or an eclipse, equinox or solstice.

I first learned of its existence a few years ago, during a Halloween celebration. Until that time, the only Moon Water I knew of was women’s perfume (which smells wonderful, by the way).

Moon Water is able to purify the energy of the body, mind and soul. It is always used for positive and beneficial purposes, never to harm. In this article I will explain how to make Moon Water yourself at home, the ritual involved, its properties and how to use it.

How to make Full Moon Water

In order to get some Full Moon Water we are going to need several items and, of course, for the Moon to be approaching its full phase. Gather the following utensils:

  • A clear jar, but it must be glass, not plastic. Glass allows greater purity and plastic will contaminate your ritual. The capacity should be about 1 litre. If it is more, the more lunar water you will get.
  • The jar should have a lid if it is transparent, the better. If not, you can also cover it with a cloth tightly fastened.
  • Labels to write on your jar the desire or intention of the ritual. You can also write it down on a piece of paper.
  • Flowers, if you want to scent your moon water.

Step by step

The steps to follow to get Moon Water are very simple and you can make it yourself at home. It will not take you more than 15 minutes.

  • Clean the jar or glass jar well, it should not have any residue. When you do this cleansing and during the whole ritual, try to be harmonized. Meditate before to free yourself from the spent energy. You need the ritual to be as clean as possible.
  • Fill the glass jar with mineral water, tap water has too many impurities.
  • Close the jar to prevent insects or dust from entering from the environment. You can use its own lid or a piece of cloth that covers the entire circumference. Secure the piece of cloth with a rubber band or string.
  • We will place the glass jar filled with water in a place where the light of the full moon or astronomical phenomenon will hit it.
  • The time to place your jar is at dusk on the same night of the Full Moon. You can leave it until the following night. You can even place the pot one night before the Full Moon and pick it up one night after. In total 3 nights for it to absorb as much energy as possible.
  • Ideally, you should perform your ritual outdoors. That is where your jar will be during the night to absorb the moonlight. But if you don’t have the opportunity to do the ritual outdoors, just place the jar next to a window, where it gets the moonlight. Your goal is to charge that water with all the energy of the Full Moon.
  • During the ritual, you must pronounce an intention or a spell.

The Spell

To channel the effect we want our Moon Water to have, we must pronounce or write a spell or intention during the ritual. When we place our pot in the moonlight, we must be relaxed. Remember to meditate before the ritual.

Now comes the moment of intention. Focus on your wish and write it down or pronounce it. For example, you can ask the moon to empower the water with its energies to increase your serenity. Or you can ask her to give you more physical energy, happiness, more ability to concentrate, more health… Any pure and good intention is valid, but it must be for yourself. The Moon Water only works with the witch who does the ritual and focuses the wish.

Write your own spells

As I always say, I am an advocate of writing our own spells or intentions. Always be honest with yourself when writing down your intentions or goals. It is well known that both water and the Moon feel intentions. Water is capable of absorbing both good and bad. An example of a spell could be:

“Moon, I ask you to influence these waters with your full energy, so that I can achieve the serenity I need in my meditations.”

Is it possible to wish something for another person?

There is the possibility of doing Moon Water for another person, but it requires a lot of concentration and ability to channel the other person’s wish or need into the ritual. It is a process for advanced witches. For example, you have a friend who has cloudy energy and needs help to purify her energies. You could ask the moon to charge the water with energy to help your friend.

You would need to concentrate a lot on that person, have something that binds you to her (an object will do) and focus your intention towards her. The problem comes when the witch is not able to concentrate at all or influences the ritual with her own energy. The resulting Moon Water would not work as well.

The glass jar

Airtight glass jar on Amazon The glass jars I like best when it comes to getting Moon Water are the ones with a clear lid and an airtight seal. The moonlight penetrates better through all the nooks and crannies of the jar and, being airtight, the water will not be contaminated by any agents such as dust or bad vibes.

They are sold here cheaply and are of good quality, in different sizes. I use them for my infusions and for the Agua de Luna. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can always recycle a glass jar from a canning jar. But remember to clean it very well.

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Flowers and minerals

If you wish, you can put flowers or pieces of fruit in the jar to make infused Agua de Luna. Make sure the fruits are clean and if you are going to put flowers inside the jar, make sure they are not poisonous and are edible. If you want to try, start by adding chamomile or mint flowers. Flowers can also be placed around the jar, ideal for the spring equinox.

You can take the opportunity to charge your quartz with the light of the Full Moon. Place the minerals next to the glass jar. In this way, you will propitiate the recharge of the water and the energies will be more stable.

moon water

Benefits and properties of Full Moon Water

Moon Water is yet another magical element for a witch. It acts similarly to magical minerals, as it is charged with clean energy and is able to absorb negative energies. With lunar water you will get:

  • A purifying liquid, ideal for environments, the body or objects such as crystals or jewellery.
  • A powerful base for your infusions and teas.
  • Positive effects on plants and the home.
  • Water charged with clean and stable energy, with a well-intentioned spell active on it.

How can you use Full Moon Water?

Here comes the most interesting part of all. The energy stored in Full Moon Water is very stable, it is clean, it is powerful and it harmonizes with any situation. You will be amazed at all the uses Full Moon Water has in your daily life:

Infusions or teas

You can make herbal teas with the lunar water. Prepare the infusion as you normally would, but change the usual water for moon water.

Spiritual energy at the start of the day
If you drink Full Moon Water when you wake up, it will give you spiritual energy to face your day.

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Purify objects

If you need to purify an object (for example, a piece of jewellery), you can immerse it in Full Moon Water. The energy stored in these waters will cleanse the negativity from that object and influence it with new energy. Leaving the object submerged for one day is enough. Of course, the moon water will absorb all the negativity and spent energy of the object, so you must get rid of it immediately and clean the container. Do not touch it or drink it!

Clean and recharge magical crystals

It also serves to purify your magical crystals and charge them with new energy.

Healthier plants

You can water or spray the plants with the lunar water. It promotes their growth, especially in the flowering months.

Relaxing bath

If you are going to take a bath, pour moon water in your bathtub to enhance the relaxing effect of your essential oils. It is an ideal combination with lavender oil.

Best meditations

Moon water is ideal for enhancing meditation. Drink some Full Moon Water before meditating to benefit from this effect, stabilize your mind and enhance your senses.

Purify your home or workplace

If you want to cleanse your home or home office environment, put some Moon Water in a spray bottle. You can add a few drops of natural essential oil to scent it. Then spray the air in the room. You will notice how the energies stabilize and your sanctuary returns to what it was. I recommend that you spray a room after you have a visitor, as you never know what spent energies they bring with them.

Protect the entrance to your home

Moon water can serve as a protective addition to your home. Spray some at the entrance of your home to protect it from negative energies. Combine this with some tiger’s eye stones and you have a powerful protection.

Face cleansing

Have you tried Full Moon Water on your face? After a long day and after removing your makeup, cleanse your face with moon water to remove any presence of worn out energy and negativity from the skin. Its energizing properties will be immediately noticeable on the most tired and battered skin. You can also spray some moon water on your face before you leave the house to energize yourself, just as you do with cosmetic mists, but this one is much more natural and magical.

Next full moons or lunar events?

I leave you with two images with the full moons remaining in 2020. At the end of November we have a Full Moon and at the end of December, coinciding with the end of the year, another one. This last Full Moon of the year is going to be very powerful.

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In addition, for the remainder of 2020 we will have several lunar events:

  • November 29-30, 2020: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Visible in northern Japan, eastern Russia, New Zealand, the Pacific Ocean, North America and most of Central America.
  • December 14, 2020: Total solar eclipse. The totality band is only visible in the southern Pacific Ocean, central Chile, central Argentina and the southern Atlantic Ocean. The partial eclipse is visible over most of the southern Pacific Ocean and most of South America.
  • December 21, 2020: Winter (or summer) Solstice. It is the shortest (or longest) day of the year, along with a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.
  • In this link you can consult the phases of the moon in 2021. This way, you will be able to plan your lunar water rituals accurately.

And you, are you going to do Lunar Water at the next Full Moon?