7 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Going on a diet is hard. This is something we can not deny. When we have certain incorrect eating patterns, they are reinforced by the obesogenic environment that surrounds us. Once we put ourselves and face the effort and commitment to changing our eating style, there are very few things that are more frustrating than seeing that, in spite of everything, we do not lose weight.

why am i not losing weight

It is even worse if we realize that we are not losing weight, but we don’t know why. If it is that our body has already reached an age at which losing weight is very complicated, or if it is that we are doing something else. To find out why we are not losing weight despite being on a diet, we will tell you the most common reasons why we do not lose weight.

Consumption of sugary beverages

Calories-and nutrients-are not only consumed through food, but also through the beverages we drink. It is possible that sometimes we forget to count the calories in that coffee we drink, or that smoothie that looks so good. At other times, out of ignorance or forgetfulness, we forget that some drinks, such as juices, even if they are homemade, contain large amounts of sugar.

Of course, not to mention alcoholic beverages. If we diet all week, but on the weekend we go out and consume alcohol, the calorie intake will be much higher than we think. Being aware of these, of what we drink and what it means for our diet, will help us to make better decisions and choose drinks such as water, homemade lemonade or tea.

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Exceeding rewards

Rewarding ourselves for goals achieved is basic to maintaining motivation when we are trying to achieve a goal and, personally, I believe it is something you should do. However, it can’t be done just any old way. It is great that we reward ourselves for having done that series in the gym that we are struggling with so much, or that at the end of the weekend we eat something that we really feel like after a good week of dieting.

However, we must control what these rewards are. The reality is that we are not very efficient at burning calories through exercise, despite the fact that exercise is necessary for our health and helps us lose weight. No matter how much exercise we have done that day, we can not eat a hamburger with fries and soda because we have not compensated with sport.

Not controlling portions

The ideal when following a diet is, of course, that we consume healthy foods that provide us with good nutrients and that we avoid sugary and ultra-processed products. However, the other reality is that if we want to lose weight, we need to achieve a calorie deficit with our diet.

This means that, although our diet is based on healthy food and is recommended in a diet, we will need to control the portions and the number of calories. To give an example, nuts and dried fruits are a totally recommended food in a healthy diet, but if we eat a whole bowl, we are most likely exceeding the number of calories we need to lose weight.

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Not sleeping enough hours

This is a mistake that we may be making and that we may not even think about. What do the hours you sleep have to do with losing weight? You may ask. Well, according to some research, much more than we realize.

Sleeping little or badly seems to alter some hormones, such as leptin and ghrelin. This seriously affects our sense of hunger, causing it to increase by up to 25%, which, whether we want it to or not, will affect our weight. In addition to this, little sleep affects our body temperature, reducing the energy expenditure we make and also giving us more time to eat. Ultimately, how and how much we sleep affects our weight, so it is best to stick to our sleeping hours.

Eliminating too many foods from the diet

Some diets will urge us to eliminate entire food groups from our diet: fats and carbohydrates are often the first nominees to leave our plates. However, going on a diet so limited that it deprives us of a number of nutrients is not always the best idea.

Firstly, because such strict diets are very difficult to follow, which makes adherence to them worse and also stresses our organism, generating anxiety. But, in addition, it can also cause us to have health problems. Both fats and carbohydrates are necessary to keep our bodies healthy. Instead of eliminating them completely, we should choose good fats and carbohydrates and control portions.

Not hydrating well

According to several research studies, drinking water helps us to lose weight more effectively when we are on a weight loss plan. One of the reasons is that adequate water consumption seems to increase metabolism and, therefore, energy expenditure.

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Therefore, forgetting to drink water or displacing the consumption of this drink with other less adequate ones is a serious mistake that may be preventing us from losing the amount of weight we expect.

Having a medical or genetic condition

Sometimes we are doing everything right and still there is no way to lose weight. The reality is that there are some genetic conditions that increase our risk of gaining weight and make it more difficult for us to lose weight.

It could be a thyroid or hormonal problem. Be that as it may, the best thing to do if we feel that even if we are doing everything right, it is too difficult to lose weight is to go to our doctor so that he/she can evaluate us and inform us of our options.