Organic coconut oil and its impact on weight loss

Coconut oil is not harmful or bad as was believed 30 years ago, on the contrary it is very beneficial as it is one of the keys to stimulate or increase metabolism.

Metabolism It is considered as (processes and chemical changes that the body uses to convert nutrients into energy to survive) and for this reason it causes an optimal functioning in our body, which translates into an excellent use of energy and therefore helps to lose weight.

Not all saturated fat is bad, the saturated fat in coconut oil is a fat called medium chain triglycerides, saturated fat which is very small and is not used by the body to build more fat, but is sent directly to the cells by the body to be They are converted into energy without going through the liver filter as it happens with all the other fats and oils that we eat, that is, they are saturated fats that are converted into energy instantly and help to increase the metabolism, a situation that favors burning calories.

5 reasons to consume organic coconut oil

  • Coconut oil stimulates the metabolism.
  • It is fungicidal and kills fungi like Candida albicans.
  • It destroys certain viruses like herpes.
  • Eliminate bacteria.
  • It makes the body get rid of internal toxins.

These properties help us to cleanse the body of parasitic organisms that cause infections and reduce our metabolism.

Judicious and intelligent way of using coconut oil

You should start with a low daily dose, so that the body has a chance to eliminate toxins that accumulate when internal organisms disappear, the dose should not be increased too quickly.

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The key is to increase the dose of coconut oil gradually (little by little) for example; raise the dose just half a tablespoon a day each week.

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To speed up metabolism, organic coconut oil is the most indicated because it does not affect the taste of the food with which it is mixed.

The dose should go up gradually like this:

First week:

From Monday to Sunday only half a tablespoon a day.

Second week:

From Monday to Sunday one tablespoon a day.

Third week:

From Monday to Sunday one and a half tablespoons a day.

Most people do well with two tablespoons a day after week four.

Remember that any help that aims to improve metabolism must be complemented with food advice since it is important to learn how to eat, because healthy eating also improves it substantially.