Pineapple to eliminate toxins and lose weight

Pineapple is a fruit rich in fiber, used as a natural digestive, it promotes the digestion of proteins avoiding stomach heaviness thanks to its enzymes Phytosterol and Bromelain, it also helps us to the functioning of the colon avoiding accumulation of toxins, improving our metabolism and eliminating fat to lose weight.

Pineapple to eliminate toxins and lose weight

Pineapple is highly nutritious and antioxidant, its properties strengthen our immune system because it contains vitamins A, B and C that protect the body against free radicals which can be the cause of heart disease or diabetes, contains minerals such as manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus which provide lots of energy for daily activities.

Pineapple helps to satiate us faster because of its high water content, helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides and controls blood pressure, improves the appearance of your skin, as it contains a number of enzymes that allow it to become more elastic and at the same time eliminates dead cells.

Pineapple is highly depurative, it is an excellent diuretic as it eliminates retained fluids in our body, preventing them from accumulating and causing swelling in certain parts of the body such as legs, abdomen and face.

Pineapple, fights heartburn, intestinal gas and reduces inflammation of your abdomen, contains an enzyme called pectin which cleans and removes waste from our intestine through the stool, you can say that it is a mild laxative and natural toxin purifier, suitable for inclusion in the diet to lose weight because it is very low in calories, we can also use it as a purifier of our intestine as it removes bacteria and parasites from our body.

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Pineapple can be included in your diet in different preparations, for example in water, juice, smoothies, salads, sliced alone, or as you prefer, we will tell you ways to include it in your diet and reduce measurements.

Pineapple water

You only need the pineapple peel, because it preserves the diuretic and depurative properties of the fruit, improving digestion and the elimination of liquids. To prepare it you only need the peel of a washed pineapple, a cinnamon stick, a liter of water and if you want to sweeten it you can add stevia. Put in a pot the well washed pineapple peel, the cinnamon stick and the liter of water, boil for half an hour, after that, strain, let it refrigerate and it is ready to drink all day long.

Pineapple and celery smoothie

You only need a slice of pineapple, a stalk of celery, the juice of two lemons, half a cucumber, two sprigs of parsley and half a cup of water. To prepare you just need to put the ingredients in the blender until a homogeneous mixture is formed and is ready to take, this produces in our metabolism an acceleration, generating an elimination of toxins, burning fat naturally and lowering those extra pounds. You may also be interested in ‘ Celery surprising ally to burn fat.

Pineapple and pear smoothie

You only need a quarter cup of diced pineapple, two chopped pears, the juice of one lemon and a glass of water. To prepare it, blend all the ingredients, strain and it is ready to drink. This drink helps digestion, eliminates toxins and provides satiety to our organism.

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Pineapple is ideal to include in your diet, it will control your anxiety when eating and will help to improve your digestion, but remember that it should always be accompanied by a balanced diet to achieve a positive effect on your body.