Playing sports: Benefits of playing sports with the family

Exercising regularly is a healthy habit that can bring you lifelong benefits. Also, if you have children, training as a family is one of the best ways to help them start a healthy lifestyle while you also stay in shape.

the benefits of training as a family

Adults tend to believe that sport is an effort to improve. The motivation that moves you to complete your repetitions and rounds is directly related to your desire to achieve a goal and get closer to the ideal version you have of yourself.

However, for your children, training is more about exploring, expressing, discovering and having fun. Therefore, do not try to think so much about “training”, and focus on getting in shape and staying active through games and activities with a little structure and some objectives based on their interests and personalities.

5 benefits of training as a family

– Helps strengthen ties thanks to a shared experience.
– Encourage children to bring out that childhood energy in a positive way.
– Improves the self-confidence of the little ones.
– Fun, both for children and for the elderly.
– Family workouts can create great memories that will last a lifetime if done on a regular basis.

When you train as a family, create a fun and pressure-free environment. Set aside a set time to train as a family, involve your children in planning the activity, and combine games and fun with more traditional exercises. It is important that this time you are going to spend with them is something exciting and special. In fact, it should be an activity that everyone is looking forward to. And if you end up feeling a little like a kid while training, you’re doing well.

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5 tips to enjoy fitness with the family

1. Integrate warm-up and cool-down exercises

Whatever your plan, get used to doing warm-up exercises before and cooling down after the main activity. This will prevent injuries during training, and encourage a quick recovery afterwards. In addition, it will also give a sense of structure to your activities by having a beginning and an end. When you first start, remember to tell your children why it’s important to do these exercises, and explain that they will help them feel better after training.

2. Fit playing

Playing is a natural thing for children of all ages, and sports training or sports with children should incorporate games that allow them to move through different spaces and stay active in a fun way.

– The pilla-pilla: or Tula is a classic that everyone likes when you have enough space. This simple game helps improve focus, responsiveness and cardiovascular endurance.

– Play with equipment: using equipment, such as a ball or a jump rope, can also be a good way to start training as a game. Try to play to see who can jump the most times with the rope, or build a timed obstacle course where your family members have to dribble the ball as quickly as possible. Be creative! The goal is to have fun while everyone keeps moving as much as possible.

– Treasure hunt: If you have enough space, a timed scavenger hunt can become a cardio activity for the whole family. Hide objects with clues, and set a time limit to find the final object. Make sure the individual tracks are far enough apart that your kids have to run between them.

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– Dance party: dancing is another way for everyone to activate the body to the rhythm of the music. Choose (or have your children choose) moving songs and hold a “dance party” where everyone has to invent their own choreography, and where they can’t stop dancing until the music stops.

3. Exercises with body weight

Family workouts are the ideal way to teach children some basic bodyweight training exercises to do together. Once your family members have learned how to do these exercises with proper technique, it’s a good idea to take turns checking that they’re really all doing them correctly. Don’t forget to give them positive feedback when they do the repetitions well.

Adding these exercises to your workout has many benefits, such as helping your children understand what the proper technique is, and getting used to performing exercises they can do when they grow up. In this way, the basic exercises will be simple and familiar later.

4. Walking, running or cycling outdoors as a family

Training as a family can also be something as simple as going outdoors for a walk, running or cycling. It’s a simple way to get everyone to participate in cardio while enjoying the outdoors.

Studies show that spending a certain period of time in nature improves mood, reduces stress and can increase vitamin D levels on sunny days.

Plan a tour of your neighborhood or the green spaces in your area, and be sure to encourage your family members throughout the journey.

5. Optional challenge: family relay race

Families with older children may like a more structured career workout. To do this, try to design a relay race along a circuit. Divide the circuit into stages, one for each member of the family. Each should travel a challenging distance, but can be completed extensively. Press the stopwatch when the first person starts running. When one person reaches the next, pass the stopwatch to the next family member and, when the last person reaches the finish line, to the stopwatch.

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Thus, training as a family can help both parents and children to feel more united, while improving the level of physical fitness of each one. Options for training together may include a mix of traditional games and exercises. You should tailor your workouts based on your children’s interests, and keep the fun and play, as well as positively encourage all family members throughout the workout.

Give your children the opportunity to help you during family training by asking them to check that you, too, are running the exercises and games properly, and involving them in the planning of the workout.

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