Pregnancy Diet: 13 Foods to Eat While Pregnant

Remember to eat a good diet, your child can be affected and may have complications.

A balanced diet is important for any body, but when a pregnant woman is brought in, the demand is greater, during the nine months the baby receives each nutrient directly from its mother, so having a good eating habit is essential for the baby to grow Well, 90% of children born with weight problems, anemia, bone malformation, is due to a poor diet during pregnancy, 3 out of 5 pregnant women gain excess weight due to not eating healthy, which increases difficulties during pregnancy. Birth.

Pregnancy recommended foods

Fish, liver, blackberry, carrot, tomato, are on the list of fundamental foods for the development of the baby in the womb.

In the following video you can clear up doubts and receive tips to take a better diet during pregnancy, remember that your child’s life depends on you, a good diet will keep her from health problems.

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