pregnancy headaches
pregnancy headaches

pregnancy headaches: Headaches come in many different types, and some of us are more prone to them than others. Treating a headache also comes in different forms, from relaxation to strong prescription pain relief.

Headaches in pregnancy are not uncommon. 

There are 2 basic things to consider to determine what type of headache you have. There are two basic criteria to consider when confirming your type of headache. Headaches in pregnancy can either be related to your pregnancy, or they could be a headache that you would get anyway.

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Headaches In Pregnancy Which Are Caused By Pregnancy

During these nine months, a lot is happening in the body. Growing a baby has definite similarities to harboring a parasite. The baby will take everything which it needs and leave you with what is surplus. This stealing of nutrients can lead to headaches in pregnancy.

The balance of nutrients left for the mother may not be sufficient, and you may not be getting all the nutrients youneed for yourself. This is one of the reasons why diet is so important for pregnant women. Secondly, most babies spend large amounts of their development, crushing, kicking or hitting their mother’s bladders.

The discomfort caused by this can lead to the mother reducing the amount of water and other fluid in the diet. Some researchers believe that up to ninety-five percent of all headaches are caused by dehydration. Now think about the fact that the pregnant women have the following to contend with; baby beating bladder, the continual need to toilet breaks, the extra weight to carry every time you want to get a glass of water.

It is not surprising that headaches in pregnancy could be caused by dehydration. Finally, a significant number of headaches inpregnancy could be caused by stress. As stress is a major cause of many headaches, this is certainly not a cause, which reduces during pregnancy!

Headaches in pregnancy, which you may have suffered from anyway. If you are prone to headaches, then the headaches in pregnancy may be a slightly exaggerated version of your usual ailments. If you are a migraine sufferer, it is essential to make sure that you are still avoiding any of the triggers for your migraines and taking all precautions to minimize your headaches.

Medication For Headaches In Pregnancy

We all want to be healthy while we are pregnant, but at the same time, mothers need to be mindful and realistic. If you have a killer headache, it is better to take mild pain relief (after checking with your midwife) than to suffer in unnecessary pain. If you try to sit the pain out, you may find that you don’t eat or sleep properly, which in itself makes the pregnancy harder and can deprive the baby of nutrients it would still be getting if you were relaxed.

Headachesin pregnancy cannot be avoided, but it is worth remembering that the most essential part of pregnancy is mother and baby’s health. Keeping these two healthy is back to basics; a good diet, plenty of water, and plenty of rest.

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