Secrets to lose weight without suffering

Body image is one of the things that most affect our self-esteem, and sometimes it generates deep depressions, that is why it is important to know how to generate changes not only in diet but also in our thoughts, achieving emotional well-being. To achieve weight loss it is important not to obsess over eating healthy and exercising excessively, the best we can do is have positive thinking, clear goals and establish real ideas to achieve them.

Speed ​​up metabolism

Including the intake of vegetables, proteins, fruits, vegetables and water, are a fundamental part of this process since our metabolism is activated and begins to do the process, in addition these foods provide us with fiber, minerals, vitamins, which are nutrients that our body needs to function properly, likewise eliminate toxins and avoid constipation, so you will lose weight without realizing it.

Providing adequate food

If you only eat the portions indicated for your weight and size, you are eating the necessary calories to avoid gaining weight; Portion control is one of the best ways to lose weight quickly, you don’t change what you eat, you just eat exactly half of what you normally eat for lunch and dinner, and for breakfast you should eat very well as it is the main of the three meals, but well balanced before 9:30 am, to ensure that the digestive process is done and metabolized during the morning.

Do not eat carbohydrates after noon

Avoid eating carbohydrates after 12pm. Increase your level of vegetables and protein for lunch and dinner. You can keep the cupcakes; just make sure they are in the morning, this will ensure that you have enough energy throughout the day, but also get the benefits of losing weight.

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Choose correctly what you will eat

It’s true that fried chicken wings are scrumptious, but so is a baked chicken breast and it has fewer calories. Eating the foods we like is ideal, but it is important that we cook them in a healthier way, steamed, baked, or as they prefer. Substituting fried for roasted we will lose weight.


If you crave sweet snacks, such as candies and cakes, replacing them with fruit is the trick to satisfy your sweet tooth, with much fewer empty calories and maintaining an adequate nutritional level, most fruits provide fiber that makes you feel full and helps to avoid anxiety and thus you will lose weight without feeling guilt.

Don’t drink artificial sweetener drinks

Juices and sodas are the most negative option when you are losing weight, as they are filling your body with sugars that will not be synthesized and will become accumulated fat, Take instead celery water or green tea for example.


Spending twenty minutes walking, even without breaking a sweat, just walking burns calories that over time add to your weight loss goals without you even feeling it.


When you sweat, you burn an incredible amount of calories and keep your metabolism going even after a long period of exercise. The other advantage is that sweating is very good for the skin as it expels toxins from your body.


Limit yourself to having a beer, maximum two, very occasionally, if you consume it frequently, the calories that alcohol provides you damage your weight loss goals.

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Willpower is the key to losing weightYou decide when and how to do it, keep these tips by your side and remember them frequently.

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