Step by step to make gel nails at home

Gel nails are a good alternative when you want to keep your hands groomed for longer and also look natural. Luckily, now you can enjoy its benefits by doing them from home, you just have to make sure you gather all the tools, follow a few steps and practice so that the results are the best each time. Basically the procedure consists of preparing the nail for the products, then applying several layers of special gel polish and drying with an LED / UV lamp. In addition to aftercare.

These types of nails could last from 2 to 3 months, but you should fill them in as the natural nail grows, which would be more or less every 2 weeks. So the gel nail filler is done when you start to notice the natural nail between the cuticle and the sculpted nail. In this case, you must prepare the area by removing the cuticle, filing along the nail, as well as between the union of the natural nail and the gel so that you can later apply the enamel. Also, if you want any nail arrangement to last longer, try to protect them when you do housework and use chemicals, avoid opening things with them, choose light shades so that the contrast is not so noticeable.

How to do gel nails at home? 

Gel nails are obtained by applying a triple layer of gels, which are base, enamel and fixative, while drying them in the lamp. You can also find triphasic gels, acting as three in one and applying the same product 3 times on the nail. Remember that it is important that you first prepare the nail to avoid that everything comes off later, follow the steps described below so that you can do them easily at home.

  • First: Before applying the gel polish you must make sure to properly clean each of your nails so that it adheres better, also gently remove the cuticle and use the file to give them the shape you want. So, disinfect your hands with an antiseptic product, cut them and polish them. Then remove the dust, clean with a wipe moistened with the cleaning product or isopropyl alcohol.
  • Second: Apply the base gel layer and take your nails to the Led lamp, then apply the three thin layers of the colored polish, but letting them dry between layers with the special lamp for these products.
  • Third: Finally, use a cleaner so that you can remove all the sticky residue and make the finish more professional. Apply a sealing coat and take it to dry, now you just have to enjoy your nails without having to worry too much about them being damaged so soon. Do not forget to hydrate the cuticles.
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  • Remember to use the gel products with care, that the movements are smooth.
  • Apply this gel near the cuticle area without touching the edges, after the last layer you should use a cotton pad and the special cleaner with which to remove the excess material. As well as using a file and removing all imperfections (Do it on the sides, surface and under the nail to make it look natural).
  • Then use a brush to remove dust, smooth the surface with a polishing file, and clean again. If you wish, you can also decorate or apply an effect.

How to remove gel nails?

If after a while you want to get rid of the gel nails, then clean the area and use the file very carefully to remove the shine. Apply acetone with a little cotton and wrap with aluminum foil, after 20 or 30 minutes remove the paper, the cotton and start to remove the remains of the product with those orange sticks.

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