Take Responsibility If You Want To Successfully Lose Weight

Take Responsibility Want To Successfully Lose Weight

Take Responsibility Want To Successfully Lose Weight

Before I start providing tips on how actually to lose weight, I want to take some time to get you in the right frame of mind to make your weight loss successful because if your attitude is wrong, you’re going to find it difficult or impossible to lose weight. The weight youdo lose will likely be regained anyway. So while these first few blog entries aren’t the real nuts and bolts, they’re nonetheless essential to any program where you want to get in better health, not just weight loss.

So if you have a goal that isn’t weight loss, then substitute your goal in whenever I say weight loss. I just want to use that topic since obesity is such a common problem these days.

When it comes to people being overweight or in bad health, the common trend these days is to blame someone or something else.

You may say that you have a genetic disadvantage or slow metabolism. You may say that you have had no good nutritional habits built up during childhood. You may have worked at a fast-food restaurant at some point, and that led to bad habits. You may blame the government. Maybe you blame advertisers for programming you to crave junk food. While some of those may be true (maybe all those fast-food advertisements really have programmed you to crave a burger and fries), you need to stop blaming the fact that you’re fat on someone else.

If you really need to succeed at losing weight or improving your health, you absolutely, positively want to take responsibility for where you are at right now.

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You see, when you blame genetics, the way you were raised, or even bad luck, you’re telling yourself that you have no control over your health. When you step up and take responsibility for the state of health you’re in right now, you’re taking control. Now you can take steps to fix any problems you might have with your health or weight.

Now I know this isn’t a very popular thing to say. After all, we’re bombarded with advertisements for magic weight loss pills and fad diets telling us it’s not your fault.

Heck, a quick search of Amazon.com yielded two books right off the bat telling me that being fat isn’t my fault. I found:

It’s Not Your Fault You’re Fat with Gary Null

Your Fat Is Not Your Fault

A Google search shows pages of articles telling you that being fat isn’t your fault. And every good sales letter for weight loss will tell you it’s not your fault.

So who am I to tell you that it is your fault?

Well, I’m a marketer myself. I know these tricks. I study them and use them with great results in my ads for stuff (although I don’t do much work with weight loss products since I’m not much of a believer in them).

You see, if I was advertising a weight loss product, and my goal was to sell it in large quantities, I’d probably tell you something along these lines:

Science now proves that weight gain and obesity aren’t your faults. Hormones imbalances are to blame, but by taking Super Duper Fat Loss Product X, you can correct those imbalances and lose those pounds without dieting and without exercise.


I’m sure you’ve seen some ads or seen advertisements on TV that say something like that, right?

You see, real, lasting weight loss, involves burning more calories than you consume, exercising several times a week, and making permanent lifestyle changes. It’s hard work, and if you try to sell that, you’re going to have a lot tougher sell than if you say that you have a magic pill that will solve all their problems.

Or maybe you’re familiar with this proverb: Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish, and you have provided him for a lifetime.

Well, most people just want the fish, and since selling the fish is much more profitable than teaching you to fish, that’s what most companies are going to do.

On the other hand, I would much rather teach you to fish so to speak. I’m not getting paid to promote miracle weight loss products or fancy fad diets that help you lose 10 pounds in five days or something ridiculous like that. Instead, my purpose with this site is really to help you lose weight if you need to and help you be as healthy as you can be.

So while it may not be much fun, take responsibility for being in whatever state of health you’re in right now. If you’re fat, then accept the blame for being in that state it’s your body after all.

Take Responsibility Want To Successfully Lose Weight