The fear of running out of a mobile phone: that’s nomophobia

Nomophobiais a word that comes from English and refers to the feeling of anguish, anxiety or irrational fear that is experienced when there are situations such as the loss of mobile, the battery runs out or there is no coverage.

The phobias they are a manifestation of intense fear or anxiety before a stimulus or situation. There are phobias of animals, blood, social, among others, and, with the development of technologies, new phobias have been born that are directly related to the innovation of electronic devices.

This addiction has grown in recent years as mobile devices have become a essential utensil in the day-to-day life of almost everyone, at the same time that they have been increasing their benefits and the possibilities of carrying out an endless number of functionalities: from telephone communication, to messages and emails, the possibility of sharing news and photos instantly , social networks, consulting news or web portals, online shopping, checking topics of interest, online games, etc. For this reason, an increasing number of users express that the mobile phone gives them a feeling of security and company.

Symptoms that appear in nomophobia

Which are the symptom that are related to this disorder, Nomophobia? Let’s see them:

1.- Physiological Symptoms: may appear anxietystress, rapid heartbeat, headache or stomach pain, and feeling of isolation.

2.- Cognitive symptoms: obsessive thoughts, worry about being called and the phone is not nearby, concentration difficulties, etc.

3.- Motor Symptoms: constantly check the mobile; he moves with him everywhere, even inside the house.

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4.- Invest too much time and, in addition and very important, he does not worry about his personal and / or professional obligations.

5.- Feeling of be losing important conversations, breaking news or job opportunities, among other current trends.

Profile of the nomophobic person

According to experts, the nomophobic profile is that of a person insecure, with low self-esteem Y deficits in your social skills and in conflict resolution.

In his leisure time he only uses his mobile and seems unable to enjoy without him. Behind this fear there is usually a highly insecuredependent of others, with a high need for control Y perfectionist.

With respect to sex, occurs more frequently in the feminine. Women tend to be easier to communicate and have a greater emotional need; on the other hand, men use it more for labor or management issues.

Refering to age, this disorder is more common in teenagers due to their high need for acceptance and belonging to a group through the use of social networks.

But it also affects older ages, especially those people addicted to work who use their mobile phone constantly to be aware of the latest news related to their profession, using the devices to plan and carry out work without rest.


At the base of the problem there may be a lack of self-esteem and solid social relationships. The personal insecurity It is the most common factor among those who suffer from this problem.

Communication through the mobile phone facilitates the establishment and maintenance of social relationships that in person would be more expensive for people with these types of difficulties.

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In addition, there is an absolute dependence on others, showing a perfectionist attitude, feeling the need to be unconditionally connected to others, because otherwise, they would feel that they are failing (fear of disappointing others).

Consequences of nomophobia

When an absolute slavery to the mobile occurs, the addiction is sometimes uncontrollable.

The insomnia It is one of the most frequent consequences in people with nomophobia, since they do not disconnect the mobile or sleep. In this sense, the first thing that people with nomophobia do when they wake up and go to bed is pick up their mobile.

The Couple relationships They have been greatly affected by the permanent use of the Smartphone, since this affects communication.

In addition, as a result of the ease of communication through technological support compared to face-to-face, contact between friends is increasingly cold, despite being more frequent. Therefore, the quality of relationships is diminished.

Intervention guidelines

It is always advisable, when in doubt, to consult a specialist. Some of the recommendations are:

  • Voluntarily detach mobile phone for longer and longer periods of time, leaving calls or messages pending to be answered at another time.
  • Look for spaces “without mobile phone”: During meals, hours of rest, in moments of fun or during celebrations.
  • Respect and focus attention on conversations with friends instead of constantly combining them with the use of the mobile.
  • Be aware that the life should be self-centered and not in communication with others. Relationships with people are important, but personal moments must also be respected.
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The trouble The main thing is not the existence and rapid development of new technologies, but the pathological use from the same.

Therefore, the key is not to prohibit the use of smartphones by children and adolescents, but to make them understand the importance of correct use of these devices and ensure a education that understands both the positive aspects of new technologies and the improper and pathological uses. In this regard, the prevention in the family and at school is the key element.

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