The keys to success with an exercise routine at home

When we do not have money and / or a lot of time to train, one of the best existing alternatives is exercise at home. It is one of the most practical ways we have to get in shape, since with our own body weight and at home, we can achieve remarkable progress.

Now, all that glitters is not gold. That is, there are quite a few problems when it comes to following an exercise routine at home, such as lack of consistency.

If sometimes it is difficult to go to the gym to train, to start doing sports in the same place that we have associated with leisure and rest, it is not easy. It supposes a change of mentality, for which we must be really prepared. It’s a matter of getting mental.

But there are a myriad of issues to watch out for if we really want to be successful when exercising at home. Next, we will expose what are the main keys to keep in mind when carrying out an exercise routine at home.

Factors to take into account to achieve our goals by exercising at home

There are a number of quite important aspects if we really want to get in shape by doing a Workout routine at home. We will expose which are the main aspects that we must monitor if we are truly convinced to change our physical appearance once and for all, doing it from our own home.


Although it is true that it is not strictly necessary to acquire any type of material, it is highly recommended to make a small investment. For example, dumbbells or weights are one of the best expenses we can make in this regard. But it is true that it will depend to a large extent on what objectives we set ourselves.

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If we want to gain strength and muscle mass, it is almost essential that we use dumbbells to see notable changes. It is true that initially we can see changes only by doing exercises with body weight, since when we are not trained, the body evolves rapidly. But, little by little we will be approaching our stagnation point and we will need to increase the workload so that we force our body to generate new fibers.

However, exercise with body weight is a good option to stay in shape, gain functional strength and improve our health. Therefore, the goal that we set for ourselves when exercising at home will largely depend.

Another type of material that I would recommend would be elastic bands. Especially if we are starting to train. They are good for stimulating certain sensitive areas in a healthy way, such as the rotators of the shoulder, or the middle and lower trapezius. In addition, its cost is low, which allows us at an economical price to work our body in an efficient way.


Diet is not an aspect that we should ignore. In other words, if we want to improve quickly by exercising at home, diet is very important. We don’t have to be naïve and think that just by training, we are going to achieve a lot of impressive changes in our physical appearance in a short time.

The most important thing is to guide our diet based on our dietary guidelines. That is to say, that we do not follow a generic diet and follow it without knowing very well, if it will help us to achieve what we are trying to achieve. It is essential that we provide the body with what it will need to cause a rapid and safe transformation of our body.

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What aspects are important when it comes to having a proper diet?

Actually, this answer is going to be valid both to do an exercise routine at home or in the gym. The important is control the amount of calories and macronutrients.

As for calories, as a general guideline, it is important that we know if we want to lose weight or gain it (by way of muscle). In a simple way we can indicate that to lose weight, we will need to follow a diet that cuts the calories ingested below maintenance. Or what is the same, a hypocaloric diet. The idea is that, as long as we do not make the body go into a caloric deficit, we are not going to lose weight.

On the contrary, if we want to gain muscle mass, we must consume a number of calories above maintenance. When the body does not consume enough calories, it does not build muscle fibers, it focuses on allocating energy resources to maintain the structures we already have.

Regarding the partition of macronutrients, the recommendation would be the following:

They are generic recommendations, since there would be a lot to clarify, since the type of nutrients would have to be broken down. Therefore, we recommend that you go to a specialist in the field in case you want a personalized diagnosis.

Space intended for exercising at home

It may be obvious, but no. The space that we are going to allocate to do exercises at home it’s extremely important.

On the one hand, we are going to have to choose an open space that allows us to move freely. Second, it is essential to stay isolated and focused while training, so if possible, we should avoid any potential distraction in the room such as computers or televisions.

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Finally, we must be careful with the ground. If we want not to damage it, I recommend acquiring a mat or mat on which we can deposit the weight when we are resting. In this way, we will prevent it from wearing out.

This article is courtesy of Juan Manuel Toledo Domínguez: Expert in the world of exercise at home, adapting gym routines of all kinds to make them as effective as possible for those who train from home. Jua Manuel is passionate about powerlifting, resistance training, and functional strength.

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