Thinking of getting a cat? 10 original and cute names for a kitten

Did you know that US families are home to some 3.8 million cats? In fact, these adorable kittens are the second favorite companion animal in US, second only to dogs. Undoubtedly, these are very special family members since in addition to being more independent than dogs, they are also very affectionate, but do not require so much care. In addition, they are an excellent company for everyone at home, especially for the little ones, while providing them with numerous benefits for their development.

Thinking of getting a cat? 10 original and cute names for a kitten

Why is it a good idea to have a cat as a pet?

Cats are usually excellent pets. Not only do they brighten up life at home, but they can become good playmates for the little ones at home. Well educated, they are very sociable animals that enjoy spending time with people, so they make friends with children with relative ease. However, what many parents don’t know is that having a cat at home can also be therapeutic.

Having a cat helps improve the family’s mood, while reducing stress and anxiety. A study conducted at the University of Washington found that petting or being in direct contact with a cat just 10 minutes a day can reduce cortisol levels and promote a state of calm and tranquility in household members. In addition, cats are excellent listeners, so they also help release tensions through emotional catharsis.

Having a at home also helps children become more sociable and relate better to others, while developing their empathy and compassion. And it is an excellent way to stimulate their sense of responsibility and teach them to be more organized in their day to day, especially when they are given some tasks of caring for the animal.

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In addition, having a cat at home helps strengthen children’s immune systems. This was corroborated by research carried out at the University of Finland in which the effect of living with a pet at home on the health of children was analyzed. The results revealed that children who had a pet not only suffered fewer colds, but had a lower risk of getting an ear infection or developing allergies.

However, it is important to note that not everything is rosy. Beyond the benefits it brings, having a cat at home also entails numerous responsibilities and expenses. In addition, it requires investing time in their care and education, so if you are not prepared to take on this responsibility better think twice. If you already have experience with pets or still want to try, one of the first things you will have to do is choose their name.

10 very cool names ideal for a feline

In Etapa Infantil we want to help you choose the name of your cat, so we propose some original and very cool ideas to call the new member of the family.

1. Zoe

Ideal for a kitten, it is a short name, very beautiful and with great strength with which the animal will surely be identified very soon. The name comes from the Greek and means “full of life” or “that brings vitality”.

2. Loki

If you have a capricious cat that likes chaos, this name comes as a ring to the finger. Coming from Scandinavian culture, it was the name of the Norse god of disorder and confusion. Undoubtedly, an original name and with great meaning for the new member of the family.

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3. Frida

If you are passionate about art, this name is perfect for your cat. That’s the name of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, which makes it a name with a great history behind it. In addition, it is uncommon so you will surely not find many cats with this name.

4. Milo

Coming from the Germanic culture, Milo is an original and uncommon name to call your cat. It means “that is pleasant”, so it is perfect for those more affectionate and sociable kittens.

5. Juno

In Roman mythology, Juno was the goddess of marriage and the queen of all gods. His name was synonymous with life and hope, while symbolizing power and strength. Undoubtedly, a short name with a great semantic load, ideal for your cat.

6. Ginger

If your kitten has orange tones, this name will come as a ring to the finger. Coming from the English language, its most common translation is ginger, but it also means red and reddish, so it is perfect to describe your cat. In addition, it is a name with a very cool sound, to which the new member of the house will soon get used to.

7. Shiva

Shiva is the name of the Hindu god of nature, mystery and knowledge, so if you feel identified with Hindu philosophy and want to bring out your cat’s stealthy and reserved instinct, this name is perfect. It is worth noting that it is a unisex name that also comes in handy for a kitten.

8. Ronny

Ronny is a perfect name to call your cat. The name comes from the Hebrew and means “song” and “joy”, so it is ideal for those more unruly cats who love to play and are the soul of the house. Some equally cool variants are Ronnie and Rony.

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9. Daiki

Are you looking for an original and unusual name for your cat? Daiki is an excellent choice. The name comes from Japanese culture and means “great”, “glorious” and “valuable”, so it is perfect to highlight those qualities in an animal. In addition, it is short and has a very simple semantics, so your pet will soon accept it.

10. Sheldon

Whether you’re a big fan of “The Big Bang Theory” series or looking for a fancy name for your cat, Sheldon is ideal. Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it is a very melodic name with a great semantic load to which the new member of the family can adapt easily.