This is what you can do if your baby does not want to eat

One of the most common problems parents have is having a baby that doesn’t want to eat. They close their mouths forcibly, they hit with the spoon, they throw the plates on the floor (better to use plastic) all this when their parents offer them food, the baby turns mealtime into a battle.

These situations are not the most comfortable, many get frustrated or stressed because they do not understand the baby and why he does not want to eat. Anyway, a great advice is to maintain the cause and try to find out why our baby does not want to eat.

The reasons for such a problem can be many and very different from each other. In this article we are going to tell you the possible reasons and we will inform you of different tips to get the baby to eat.

Why don’t you want to eat?

A baby does not want to eat for different reasons. These are most of them.

It is full

Babies’ ability to match their feeding with their energy needs is impressive. If your baby is not very tired from playing, laughing or any activity that tires him, he will not have much appetite, because if he has satisfied his needs, he will not want to eat more.

An unknown stage for you if it is the first baby

Around 2 years old, babies begin a slow development stage, they do not require as much energy therefore they will eat fewer calories.

Improve feeding technique

There are external factors that can interfere with your baby’s appetite at mealtime. If he has eaten between meals, if he is distracted by the pet (if you have one) or he does not like the hours to eat and you have to adapt to yours.

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Keep calm

Most parents cannot stay calm when their baby does not want to eat. Many of them end up forcing you, distracting you in some way, etc. The baby will end up associating this as a bad experience that he will not want to repeat.

New foods, reject them

When you stop drinking breast milk or we simply supplement it with any complementary food.


Also they medicines they can cause loss of appetite in the smallest of the house.

Possible illness

If our baby does not want to eat it can be a symptom of a disease, we will realize at the moment that the baby has more symptoms and does not gain weight.

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Tips for your baby to eat

Have you reached the situation of not knowing what else to do? Your baby does not want to eat and you need a series of tips? Then we will give you 5 key tips with which you will get your baby to eat.

Variety feeding

Do not stress so much, if the smallest does not eat keep in mind that he is in a stage in which he is experiencing new food, solid food. He is used to Breastfeeding and it is your main source of energy, with it you will never lack nutrients.

¿Do you want to know when he will eat? Each person is different, because children are the same, it can be from 6 months and others up to 9 or more months do not even try. The important thing is to be patient so that the baby passes the stage without having bad experiences and to understand that it is a slow learning process.

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Does the food crush a lot? Take care not to give him very soft food, we have to provoke interest in the baby, changing the texture can be a good option. You can try these recipes for porridge with different foods.

Don’t stress the baby

We have already passed the first phase. Our baby eats what we are giving him. All good, until a moment comes when you no longer want to eat anything, not even what you loved yesterday. Today he doesn’t even want to try it. Babies have a lactation crisis, but also a feeding crisis. Therefore, some days it will seem that we go back to the beginning and they do not want to eat solid food, they will only want a bottle or a teat.

This is very normal, it can also happen to you as an adult, you may have a less appetite, be tired or even feel sick and do not feel like it.

The best thing is not to stress them, at times like these, they accept the breast or the bottle, the best thing is to offer them what they ask for and understand them. When he is hungry he will eat solid food again.

Starting the year is another game

First and foremost, when the baby turns one, everything is different. The development process is somewhat slower and your needs change as well.

They also have a greater need to explore their surroundings and with increasing desire, they will have more entertaining activities to do better than sitting down to eat. They will not be so eager to try new things, they will be more independent and will know how to ask for what they want or what they don’t.

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As a result of this, he will give you the impression that he does not eat anything, but if he is eating, offer him what he likes the most.

Lots of healthy foods

Many mothers say that their babies do not eat in general, but then it happens that they do eat, even if they eat cookies or potatoes, we are talking about solid food.

But in this case, when your baby has an appetite, it is best to have a refrigerator full of healthy foods, so he will eat well when he wants to eat.

Be an example

The best thing is to set an example and eat what they eat, because if we eat together it is best that the foods offered are very similar to yours, as similar as possible. Because if you put vegetables in it and you are having some potatoes with chicken and your dish will arouse more interest before his and that is why he will not want to eat.

Synthesizing. All situations with your baby’s feeding are usually normal. The important thing is that the baby is happy and maintains its activity, it is very unlikely that it will have any problems, but if you have any questions you can go to the pediatrician. Don’t forget that children have something built into their system that never fails and will make them eat. This is called hunger.