This is what you need to set up your own home gym

More than once you will have thought of build your own home gym For many reasons: among them the one that stands out the most is spending more time with the family, staying at home and exercising at the same time, given the benefits of physical exercise for health.

Perhaps the idea of ​​paying a monthly fee to the sports center where you want to polish your physique won’t convince you either; The plan to go somewhere where you might feel intimidated and apprehensive may not be feasible for you.

Have a home gym It can help you improve the potential of your sessions and optimize time in your day-to-day life.

Habitissimo, the guide where to find detailed information and opinions on professionals, companies and brands of architecture, interior design, works and reforms, offers us in this guest article, some decorative tips so you can set up your home gym from now on.

Choose the perfect space for your home gym

Depending on the size of your home, your new gym may have little or a lot of space. If you have a garage, one option may be to occupy part of its space to create your gym. Those in the corner of the living room or those in the guest room can also be valid meters.

Try to measure the space well, look for the machines that are necessary for your training, make sure there is space for these inside the room and try to make sure that the meters are enough so that they can change their location.

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Type of floor suitable for a gym

It is also important that the soil is suitable. Depending on the activities that you are going to do in your gym, it will be better to install a tile or wooden floor.

The latter, the wooden floor, it is the most suitable for any type of training thanks to the grip it offers and the security of being able to perform the movements without causing damage. However, as it can be easily scratched or scraped, it is only advisable to install it in gyms where heavy equipment is not available.

Another type of flooring that is a trend in gyms are rubber flooring, installed with attached mat tiles or elongated mats.

The mats used in playgrounds can be a perfect and cheap option to absorb shocks, they can also be purchased in different sizes allowing easy adaptation to spaces of any size.

Lighting and ventilation for your home gym

It is essential that the space has good illumination. You will not be able to carry out your training sessions without a light that allows you to perform the exercises correctly and that transmits some warmth.

The ventilation it is an important factor to take into account. If you don’t have air conditioning, build your gym in a space with windows that allow fresh air to come in and out, while allowing natural light to pass through at the same time. Apply light colors on the walls so that the space appears larger and does not appear dark.

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When it comes to exercising, feeling comfortable is essential.

Wall and ceiling color

Like any other space in your home, the colors of the walls of your home gym They will depend largely on your personal preferences, although there are some that are better suited to these types of spaces.

While in the living room, warm colors are perfect for welcoming, in the gym, colors that convey security, motivation and productivity are more appropriate. For example, pastel pinks or pale blues turn the space into a cabin that feels always fresh, allowing you to train for longer, promoting concentration.

For its part, the pastel yellow color is ideal for gyms without windows, since it transmits good vibrations in spaces where natural light does not enter.

An important mention deserves the ceiling of the gym, keep in mind that they will do many exercises that force you to be looking at it, so a good idea may be to paint it a gray or dark blue color, colors that offer an additional point of strength.

Fundamental elements of a home gym

Make sure to save a few meters to place a full length mirror that allows you to see yourself when performing the exercises. It will always help you to fine tune the movements and do them correctly. The mirror will make the room seem more spacious and give more light thanks to the reflections, something that is always positive, especially if you are going to install your gym in rooms without light inputs, such as the basement.

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Include a TV it can be a perfect idea to do some Pilates, yoga, Zumba or aerobics classes that you can watch on DVD. The plasma can be placed in a corner of the room hanging on a bracket or installed directly on the wall.

Decorative style

Try to choose a design for your home gym that is not only practical, but also fits your personal tastes.

There are many factors that especially influence the appearance of the space, from the layout of the equipment to the colors. Therefore, it is important that you be clear about the style you are looking for when you go to design your home gym, but keep in mind that you can mix styles and create a truly unique space.

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