Tips for teleworking at home and taking care of your well-being

In this last year, as a consequence of the health crisis that we are experiencing around the world due to Covit-19, teleworking has increased around 30% . More and more companies are opting for this type of work, with its advantages and disadvantages. The fact is that teleworking at home is very good, as long as you adopt a series of measures to be really productive, taking care of your health, not only physical, but also mental.

10 tips to be more productive teleworking at home

Set the alarm

Get up early. Take your time to eat breakfast calmly and prepare for the workday. Normally our mind is clearer in the mornings, so you better leave the first thing in the morning to perform the tasks that are more complicated for you.

Take care of your image

Just because you work at home doesn’t mean you have to be in your pajamas or tracksuit all day. It is true that it is better to wear comfortable clothes, but that does not mean you neglect your image, not only because of possible videoconferences with your colleagues, clients or bosses, but for yourself. When we look in the mirror and feel good about what we see, we gain confidence, and that in the end also translates into greater productivity.

Find your own space

Take a moment to think about the best space at home to telework. It should be a room with natural light and with the least possible distractions. Wide enough to place a desk, and a good ergonomic chair to avoid future back problems.

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Invest some time in creating a space that is comfortable for teleworking, with decorative details that make it much more comfortable and attractive.


Planning your workday is also important even if you work from home. Get an agenda in which you can organize your work plan, by days or by weeks. Go through the tasks performed and prioritize what is important, in addition to what is urgent.

You may be interested in this Guide for time management : free yourself from stress and gain well-being.

Contact with the company

The fact that you are teleworking at home does not mean that you are not in continuous contact with your superiors or co-workers. What’s more, it is something that you should not neglect to keep up to date with everything that happens in your company.

One way to be in contact with the company and your clients is through videoconferences, for this it is good that you get a laptop that responds well. At we have made a selection of the best laptops for video conferencing, which may also be useful for you.

Forget about social networks

We waste a lot of time consulting social networks, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. It is best not to have these temptations at hand and directly close all the applications that may distract you, in this way you will perform much better and with greater productivity during your workday at home.

Safe internet

When we telework at home we spend many hours in front of the computer browsing the internet, that is why we must not neglect the security of our computer equipment by providing them with good antivirus that protect us from possible cyberattacks and suspicious emails.

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A very useful page is the website of the Internet Security Office, where they provide us with tips to safely navigate the Internet.

Comply with your working hours

When we work at home we are not aware that, in reality, we spend much more time at work than when we do it at the office. It is also true that we get up all the time to take walks to the kitchen, or to do some pending housework. Therefore, it is very important to comply with your working hours stipulated in the contract. If it is 8 hours, try not to be neither more nor less than the hours you dedicate to teleworking at home.

Put on music

Many people concentrate with background music. If your work activity allows it, put on music to telework at home. The biggest advantage is that you can choose to listen to your favorite music lists. Depending on the task you are developing, it will be convenient to choose one style of music or another. There are playlists created especially for teleworking, you can take a look on platforms such as Spotify, Amazon or YouTube.

Get up and exercise

It is very important that you get up from the chair every so often and do some stretching exercises. Set yourself a time, for example, 5 minutes every hour, even set an alarm to remind you. Stretch your arms, legs and do some exercises to loosen up your back.

It is highly recommended to exercise at home , as more and more people telework, every day more people decide to practice some sport at home. Get a stationary bike or a treadmill and create your own home gym to disconnect from work and create healthier habits.

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With these 10 tips for teleworking at home , you are sure to be more productive, and that always translates into benefits, not only for your company or business, but also, by extension, for you.

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