Tips to feel full longer and lose weight

At this point in the year, many have already abandoned their New Year’s resolution to lose weight. And those of us who have not abandoned it yet, we are losing the motivation to diet little by little, since eating healthy and exercising can be complicated, especially when we reduce food portions.

One of the most basic and typical guidelines when dieting is to reduce the amount of food we eat. We have already commented on several occasions that the important thing is not to eat less in general, if not eat less of all those foods that are very high in calories and with low nutritional value. By doing this, we often reduce the amount of carbohydrates we eat such as rice, pasta or bread, which causes us not to fill up enough and we often go hungry during our diet.

In this article, we will explain how can you feel more satiety, to make it much easier to lose those extra pounds.

Make sure to eat protein

Being on a diet can be very stressful, so choosing the foods we eat well is very important so that following the diet is easy for us.

If you want to feel full for longer and say goodbye to hunger, be sure to add foods that are high in protein to your diet.

Protein (whether of animal or plant origin) is one of the main macronutrients. In addition to being necessary for our health for many reasons, protein is the most satisfying macronutrient. Eating a diet high in protein will be very healthy for your body due to its many health benefits that we have already talked about in this blog, and it will also prevent you from starving.

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It is very easy to eat a diet rich in protein. Not only can you base your main dishes on high amounts of chicken, legumes or eggs, but you can also add protein to your dishes easily thanks to the protein powder. You can add it to pastries and many other dishes … The Internet is full of delicious ideas! It will be delicious and will keep you from starving.

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Fool your brain

There is a hormone popularly known as the hunger hormone, which is in charge of telling our brain that we should eat. This is a defense mechanism of our body to ensure that we provide it with the necessary energy to carry out all its functions. However, this hormone is not the cause that we want to eat popcorn when we are about to see a movie or that we want to peck on chocolate while we work.

Often times, we want to eat for some psychological reason, either out of habit or out of boredom. Controlling these impulses will be the most difficult when you are on a diet, so there are certain ways in which we can trick our brain and thus endure without hunger until the next meal.

Drinks a lot

Whether it’s water, herbal teas or some other light drink, drinking a minimum of 1.5l a day is very important. Not only does our body need it daily to carry out its normal functions, but it will also help us fill our stomach, preventing us from being so hungry. The next time you feel like eating more, have a warm infusion that you want so much in this cold and ask yourself if you really still need to eat something.

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Choose small plates

When when we were little they told us that we ate more through our eyes than through our mouths, they were very right… Choosing small plates will make our portions seem much larger, making us think that we have eaten more.

Chew peppermint gum

The sensation of chewing can trick our brain by reducing our appetite and helping us avoid snacking between meals or eating too large portions. In addition, menthol has an extra satiating effect, so a mint gum will be a great option when you have the gluttony to eat something that you should not eat.

Develop good eating habits

Take your time to eat

It is very common that we do not sit down to eat peacefully enjoying our plate with the 5 senses. Many times we are forced to eat while we work or while we move somewhere. Other times we just prefer to do it in front of the television while we enjoy the series we are hooked on at the time. However, this is not the healthiest option.

Paying full attention can help us to be much more aware of what we are eating by tasting it much better. This will also help us feel full for much longer, since oddly enough, eating while doing other things will significantly reduce our attention, making us “forget” everything we have eaten, leaving us with the feeling of having eaten little or not enough.

So sit back, relax and enjoy everything you eat> How to eat with conscience and know why you eat

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Chew your food well

This is another serious mistake that many of us make. Eating quickly without chewing correctly will not only cause you to have a heavy digestion, but it will also prevent you from being aware of everything you have eaten, making you again think that you have eaten little or not enough.

Also, keep in mind that our brain needs approximately 30 minutes to feel full after you have eaten. Therefore, lengthening this process will make you feel full even before you finish your plate, again preventing you from eating more than necessary.

Help yourself with nutritional supplements

There are a wide variety of nutritional supplements that can help you feel full for longer.

A good option will be glucomannan fiber, a highly hydrating fiber that is very beneficial to health. This type of fiber swells when mixed with water, creating a “mass” much larger than its original volume. In this way, it will fill your stomach, so that you feel full, preventing you from starving during your diet and achieving your goal of losing weight much more easily.

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