10-star foods to keep skin looking young and healthy

The state of our skin is undoubtedly one of the main concerns of many women (and men too!) when it comes to our beauty. When we are not trying to cover up that annoying pimple on our chin, we worry about the blackheads on our nose or the expression wrinkles that are becoming more and more pronounced.

foods to keep skin looking young and healthy

For years, society has been telling us that we must have a perfect complexion if we want to be attractive, and that to do so, we must spend hundreds of euros a year on products to take care of it. While it is true that beauty standards should not dictate our lives and that beauty goes far beyond the state of our skin, it is advisable to take care of our skin on a daily basis to keep it healthy. Therefore, whether for aesthetic or health reasons, taking care of our complexion is very necessary.

However, to have flawless skin, it is not essential to resort to expensive beauty products. Undoubtedly, creams, facial tonics, masks… are a key element if we want to take care of our skin externally. But we should never forget the most important thing: nourishing our skin from the inside. This can be easily achieved by taking care of our diet by eating a varied and balanced diet. In addition, there are certain foods that can help you improve your skin much more than you think.

Several studies have shown that only 20% of how you age will be marked by your genetics. So 80% of the condition of your skin depends on your lifestyle and, above all, on how you eat.

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There are 10 foods that should not be missing from your diet if you want to maintain young and healthy skin.

Here are 10 foods that should not be missing in your diet if you want to maintain a young and healthy skin.


This green leafy vegetable is essential for the proper functioning of our body for its high content of beneficial nutrients. That is why to take care of our skin can not miss.

foods to keep skin looking young and healthy

Spinach contains a large amount of vitamin A, which is necessary for the growth and repair of all tissues in our body. In addition, it is also rich in vitamin C, which is essential for our body to properly generate and store collagen, which provides the structure of our skin.

So now you know, do not forget to include this versatile vegetable, either raw or cooked.


It is well known that cucumbers are very useful for moisturizing and nourishing our skin, as well as being very refreshing when applied to the eyes. However, cucumbers have much more to offer.

Eating half a cucumber a day can help you keep your skin perfectly hydrated at all times. Therefore, it is very important to add it to your salads if you want to keep your skin young and radiant.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds have a high content of omega 3, an amino acid with a very important role in the preservation of our skin, as it fights against problems such as wrinkles and dryness.

foods to keep skin looking young and healthy

In order to achieve the best results, it is advisable to pulverize the seeds by grinding them first. In addition, once they are ground, it will be much easier to add them to your desserts, pastries…

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As with chia seeds, fish contains a large amount of Omega 3, so it will be very beneficial to take care of our skin.

Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines or mackerel are the ones you can not miss in your week to get a young and healthy skin. And they are delicious!


Turmeric has been used in Asian medicine for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to these properties, turmeric can help us get rid of those annoying pimples caused by acne or hormonal changes.

We talked about the power of turmeric for skin care in the linked article.

Red bell pepper

Although few people know it, the red bell pepper is the food with the highest Vitamin C content.

As we have already mentioned, vitamin C promotes the formation of collagen (the protein that supports the skin), so the bell pepper certainly can not miss in our diet.


foods to keep skin looking young and healthy

This refreshing fruit, which is so delicious when combined with yogurt, contains antioxidants that maintain the good condition of blood vessels and protect tissues from degeneration and aging. In addition, pomegranates can slow collagen degradation after sun exposure.

Whether whole or in juice, one or two pomegranates a week will help keep your skin glowing.


This food contains vitamins E and A, which, as we have already mentioned, favor the health of our skin.

In addition, as is the case with many nuts, avocados are rich in Omega 9, a fundamental acid for the proper hydration of our skin.


Tomatoes are very beneficial for our skin for two main reasons.

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On the one hand, like carrots, tomatoes have a high beta-carotene content, which helps to pigment our skin, protecting it from the sun and favoring an aesthetic tan.

On the other hand, recent studies indicate that tomatoes contain a compound that has 14 times more antioxidant power than wine, and 10 times more than vitamin C. So it will help to keep our skin free of toxins and free radicals, preventing premature aging.


Spirulina is popularly known for being a superfood thanks to its multiple properties. This blue-green algae has the ability to nourish and detoxify the blood, so it can help us get rid of toxins in our skin. However, it has an even more important role and that is to promote cell regeneration processes, something that helps prevent dry skin and helps delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Undoubtedly, these algae is food that can not be missed in your food, creams… and also, you can also get it in supplement form with a handy capsule a day…. It is clear that, thanks to spirulina, there are no excuses for not taking care of your skin.