Vitiligo treatment: Vitiligo cure, Symptoms and causes

Vitiligo treatment: The diagnosis of vitiligo is based on a physical examination, medical history, and laboratory tests, but most people can identify it just at a glance, due to the presentation of white patches on the skin’s surface. These white patches are very obvious among the clear symptoms of vitiligo.

Vitiligo treatment

The following are some common symptoms of this disease.

  • The primary symptoms of vitiligo are the loss of skin pigment, which results in the formation of milky-white spots (depigmentation) on the skin.
  • These patches are commonly found in body areas exposed to sunlight, such as the hands, feet, arms, face, and lips.
  • The other common skin areas which can suffer from vitiligo are the armpits, inner lining of the mouth, eyes, nostrils, genitals, navel and rectal areas.
  • Hair growing from the affected skin surface also loses its natural colour and turns grey or white. Such pigment abnormalities are also observed in the retina or iris of the eyes.
  • This skin disorder is usually progressive. The shape and position of the affected skin area do not always remain confined. In some cases, these patches develop at a fixed area of skin, while in others, they may be distributed in different places in different shapes and sizes with the passage of time.
  • In some people, vitiligo spreads slowly over many years. For other people, spread occurs rapidly.
  • The natural course of vitiligo is hard to predict. Sometimes, these patches disappear quickly without any treatment.
  • Vitiligo does not cause any physical discomfort to the affected skin, rash or loosen etc.. Still, most people with vitiligo may feel very distressed and unhappy due to the changing appearance
  • of their skin.
Vitiligo treatment

How can people live with vitiligo?

Regardless of a person’s race, gender, and culture, vitiligo affects the emotions and psyche of all. Normally, people living with vitiligo lose their confidence and change their lifestyle. They become inactive in their social activities.

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But fortunately, there are several medical & alternative treatments for vitiligo that can not only minimize the white patches but also eliminate them. The following are some other measures that can help vitiligo people cope with this disease.

Vitiligo people should talk with other people who have vitiligo because it may help them to learn more about it.

The National Vitiligo Foundation provides a lot of information about vitiligo and refers to the local guide for vitiligo patients, for their families, friends, and physicians. Vitiligo people should also be concerned with it.

Normally, people getting Vitiligo remain ignorant and do not take the common signs of vitiligo, like premature whitening or greying of the hair on their scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, or beard, seriously. So it’s highly recommended that they pay attention to themselves and go to a dermatologist in order to treat it.

What is vitiligo treatment?

Vitiligo treatment

Vitiligo can not be cured completely, but many different treatments can be helpful in slowing the progression of Vitiligo.

You can choose not to treat vitiligo if the white patch is on a covered area of the body; people are not too concerned because these patches are not noticed by other people. In the same way, white patches are not a big problem for fair-skinned people. They avoid tanning of the skin, so that the white patches are not clearly different.

Vitiligo treatment options are:

  • Skin camouflage.
  • It is to cover the affected skin area.
  • Treatment that reserves changes in the skin.
  • Treatment to de-pigment the skin completely.
  • Protection of skin by use of sun blocker.
  • Skin Camouflage
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Coloured cover creams are used on the skin patches of Vitiligo. These creams do not change the real colour of the skin but improve skin appearance. Suppose we chose this option. The first goal is to choose the colour of the cream, which should match the skin colour of the patient. The creams can cover white patches, which greatly increases confidence. There are organizations like the British Red Cross that provide free skin camouflage service.

These are self-tanning lotions available, which can hide Vitiligo. The disadvantage is that the lotions need to be applied frequently, and also, exact skin colour matches are not available.

1: Treatment that reverses changes in the skin.

No single treatment available works well for Vitiligo. Some drugs slow down the progression of Vitiligo, while others help to regain pigment and colour to the same extent. Treatment is different for different types of Vitiligo. There are a few treatments being resold.

Vitiligo treatment

2: Steroid Creams

These creams are used when a small patch of Vitiligo develops. These are used for a short period (2-6 months). It can help to slow or stop the progression of the disease. skin colour may return to the treated area. Long term use of steroids is harmful because steroid side effects can occur, like thinning of skin and stretch marks. Steroids work by suppressing the immune system.

3: Tacrolirium Cream

This is not the first choice. This could be an alternative to steroids. Its efficiency is limited. It can help to restore skin colour in a few patients, especially on the face. It also acts by suppressing the immune system. Learn how to treat dry skin with these 7 natural products.

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4: PUVA Treatment

PUVA is psoralen and ultraviolet A. in this therapy, a special medicine called psoralen is taken, so the patient’s skin becomes sensitive to light. The skin is then treated with ultraviolet A by a special machine. This treatment is time-consuming. It is needed twice a week for 6-12 months. PUVA can cause sunburn type reactions or skin freckling. There are chances of re-occurrence of white patches after PUVA treatment.

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