What is a psychologist ?, functions and how can it help you

In this article we will talk about what a psychologist is, how it can help us, what its main functions are and some of the signs that indicate that you should go to the psychologist.

To begin with, psychology is defined as a branch of the social sciences, which studies human behavior; exploring the functioning of the subject’s social behavior and his mental functioning.

There are different areas where a psychologist can carry out his professional work and where in turn each one does it from his particular approach.

In short, a psychologist is the person who is trained and acquires different knowledge and skills, to provide people with strategies and resources to manage different problems related to their mental health and emotional well-being.

Psychologists are professionals who help people resolve conflicts related to their mental health.

These mental health professionals use different and varied techniques that help us solve emotional and behavioral problems. Usually psychological problems are treated from individual therapy; This is a type of clinical therapy, which seeks to generate processes where the patient acquires an awareness; to identify what is causing your emotional distress.

In clinical therapy you will find tools and techniques that help you discover your potentials and life skills that you cannot find; always seeking to resolve your conflicts.

In this way you will be able to know and recognize your emotional intelligence seeking to have a healthier and more positive mental health.

A psychologist can help you in different areas of your life, be it family, relationship, work, sports, among others.

In this section we will mention which are the main functions that a psychologist performs in their psychological therapies.

  1. Offer your patient a type of therapy , offering options such as group, individual or family therapy; but this will be determined according to the reason for consultation of each patient.
  2. Guide their patients in therapy , seeking to identify what their problems are, always seeking their emotional well-being; in order to enjoy healthy mental health.
  3. The psychologist will keep a written record of each session carried out with the patient; This will allow the professional to observe the progress in the patient’s therapy.
  4. The mental health professional may use different techniques within therapy such as art therapy, psychological tests, game therapy, among others. These techniques will also be determined according to the specific case of each patient.
  5. The psychologist will develop a therapeutic treatment plan for each patient.

4 reasons why you should go to a clinical psychologist

1. A psychologist helps you solve the situations that affect your mental health

Many times we feel bad emotionally, but we cannot identify exactly what the root of the problem is; In a therapeutic process, the psychologist will help you find what ails you and does not let you lead a quiet life.

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Psychologists are in charge of treating behavioral and emotional problems; In psychological therapy, you will be given learning tools to help you change patterns and get to the root of your problem.

2. Psychological therapy will provide you with tools, strategies and resources

Many people think that going to the psychologist is going to a person who will give you advice, but it is a wrong idea; Psychologists propose a dialogue with the patient where we listen to their problems and in turn provide them with strategies and tools to improve behavior; based on research and theories of psychology.

Identifying what is the most effective treatment for the patient and how the process will be approached so that his therapy is effective.

3. A psychologist helps you in self-knowledge

Sometimes people fail to find emotional well-being; because in reality not even they themselves know with certainty what it is they want for their lives. A psychologist can help you find your true motivation, discover what makes you truly happy.

It can help you uncover your fears, which are preventing you from staying emotionally strong.

4. There does not have to be a problem

Whoever said that I must feel bad emotionally to go to the psychologist; This is also a damaged idea that people have, mental health works the same as our body’s, I have to get check-ups, I have to take care of it; for this reason I can go to the clinical psychologist whenever I want, even when I feel very well; it is a way to feed and take care of my mental health.

What is a clinical psychologist?

A clinical psychologist is a professional who takes care of the mental health of his patients. This expert in psychology is dedicated to diagnosing and treating behavioral problems, which directly affect the healthy emotional and mental development of any person.

Offering treatments and strategies that allow their patients to treat the problem they may be presenting; at the same time affecting their life, as a couple, family, work or social.

What are the functions of the clinical psychologist

  1. Evaluation: consists of carrying out an initial evaluation; where all the information of the patient, of the different areas of his life and the state of his mental health is gathered.
  2. Diagnosis: it lies in identifying the problem that is affecting the patient.
  3. Intervention: consists of carrying out clinical interventions related to their problem; in order to intervene, resolve and alleviate their emotional and behavioral conflict, or depending on each particular case.
  4. Completion and supervision: it is the phase when the psychologist concludes the psychological treatment. However, it is recommended that the patient who was in psychological treatment eventually attend psychological therapy, to do a general checkup of their mental health.
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Sometimes recognizing those signs that tell you that you should go to the psychologist are not easy. In truth, anyone can attend a psychologist; to maintain your general well-being or because you may actually be going through a difficult time in life; it is there when it becomes necessary to seek professional help.

Below we will share 8 signs that will tell you when you are going through a difficult time and therefore it is necessary that you seek psychological help.

1. If you have suffered any loss

Losing your job, breaking up with your partner, the death of a loved one, are reason enough to go to the psychologist. People often think that working out a duel can be achieved on its own, however this is not always the case.

For this reason, if you are going through a moment of mourning and you feel that you are not assimilating it well, you are isolating yourself more than normal or you are unmotivated in your daily tasks; It is recommended that you seek professional help.

2. You suffer physical pain without any apparent explanation.

Emotional distress can also manifest itself physically; generating recurrent headaches, more stress than normal, nausea and other chronic pain for which there is no medical explanation.

This is because you may be going through a difficult emotional time in your life; but you can’t identify it, so it’s best to seek professional help.

3. You feel little motivation to do your daily activities.

If you notice that you carry out your daily activities lazily, unwillingly, you see that you no longer want to go to your favorite places; You have no desire to see your loved ones and generally do not find any sense or reason to do things. It may mean that you are not having a good time; It is advisable to attend the psychologist and discover what is causing the bad mood.

4. Your relationship is no longer the same

You feel that you love your partner, but at the same time you do not feel good with him, you know that you like him and you want them, but you do not have the same sexual desire; these are also reasons to seek professional help.

A psychologist specializing in couples therapy can help you find the cause of your discomfort and contribute to improving and strengthening the relationship for the future.

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5. Your loved ones tell you that you are not the same as before

Sometimes we cannot perceive different behaviors in ourselves. If at a certain moment someone close to you approaches you and tells you that they notice you differently, they ask you if you have a problem; do not leave these words aside, rather listen to them, analyze them and identify if it is best to seek the help of a psychologist.

6. You abuse some psychoactive substance to avoid your problems

If you notice that you are drinking, smoking more than normal or have even started using other psychoactive substances every time you feel bad emotionally, it will be better to seek professional help or your problem may end worse.

Abusing these substances will never be the solution to your problems, on the contrary, everything will get worse until you lose control of your life.

7. You have no control over your emotions

If your anger, your fear or your sadness overwhelm you and you simply feel that when certain particular situations arise in your life, your emotions are unleashed without any control and you act in a not very assertive way; it will be better to seek professional help.

Emotions are innate sensations they will always be with us, for this reason it is important to know how to control them in a positive way in any situation.

8. You feel that you do not accept yourself as you are

Self-love is a fundamental aspect in the healthy development of the personality of human beings; he gives us self-esteem and self-knowledge.

If you are one of the people who do not like how they look, do not accept their way of behaving, are aware of what others say, you always say if trying to please the other, you are ashamed to express what you feel, you do not feel self-confident, you don’t know how to communicate with others … it’s time to seek the help of a psychologist and start working on your self-love.

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