Adrenal fatigue, what is it and how to prevent it?

Lack of concentration, irritability, cold hands, memory loss and even continuous discomfort when sleeping. Have you ever felt these types of symptoms? Beyond a simple stage of fatigue and accumulated stress, there is a syndrome that gives name to these problems so frequent in the population: adrenal fatigue.

As we have indicated above, adrenal fatigue consists of an accumulation of very specific symptoms that appear suddenly in the organism. One of the main causes of this syndrome is stress, and its control is vital for those who suffer from it.

what is adrenal fatigue

Unknown to many of us, this type of fatigue can cause serious problems with the well-being and health of those who suffer from it. But how can we detect adrenal fatigue? Together with the hormonal optimization team of Doctor Life Clinics, we are going to explain exactly what it is and how we can combat it on a daily basis.

What is adrenal fatigue?

It is known as adrenal fatigue for those non-specific symptoms that occur in the body, such as fatigue itself, sleep disturbances, digestive problems, nervousness, and general malaise.

It is considered the stress syndrome of the 21st century and owes its name to a biochemical research scientist and expert in genetic therapies. Although it is not currently an accepted medical diagnosis, it is known that this syndrome is caused by a high level of stress (physical and emotional) over a long and continuous period of time.

This generalized stress is what produces a weakness in the organism itself and, therefore, a failure in the immune system, thus generating a series of imbalances that give rise to apathy and chronic fatigue. The various symptoms that give rise to this fatigue cause the patient to become ill and considerably worsen his or her quality of life.

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We could say that adrenal fatigue is a “functional” problem and that it manifests itself when there is a malfunction of the adrenal glands, derived from accumulated stress in the organism.

What are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

The main symptoms of adrenal fatigue are usually fatigue and continued sleep problems. are fatigue and continued sleep problems. But they are not the only ones; there is a long list of symptoms directly associated with this syndrome.

Adrenal fatigue can affect both emotional and digestive levels. Lack of motivation, apathy, depression, and a decreased desire to have an active social life are some of the first symptoms that can be observed. To this, we must add the appearance of bruises, muscle weakness, constipation or diarrhea, as well as hair loss and a drop in body temperature.

Like other common problems in the organism, adrenal fatigue can cause a lack of libido in both women and men. It is considered one of the easiest symptoms to detect.

Normally, people who suffer from any of these symptoms tend to relate them directly to stress. However, if you suffer from several of these problems continuously, we must begin to assess whether the patient suffers from adrenal fatigue.

In any of our clinics, we have a medical and technical team that will allow you to know what your health problem is and what the different alternatives are to solving it.

Solutions and alternatives to treat adrenal fatigue

One of the most important solutions to combating adrenal fatigue is to avoid, as much as possible, stressful situations that can generate anxiety. Creating work routines and doing physical activities such as yoga, pilates, or meditation can help reduce these levels so that we feel calmer and calmer.

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Good eating habits also help to curb the symptoms caused by adrenal fatigue. The consumption of fruits and vegetables is vital for this type of syndrome, leaving aside processed foods and foods with a high percentage of sugar.

What if this is not enough to solve and stop the problems caused by adrenal fatigue? As we have mentioned before, it is very important to identify what the real problem is that is causing these symptoms. To do this, our medical team will perform a series of tests in consultation to help find the main origin. In the case of being related only to stress, the patient should change their lifestyle to reduce these levels of anxiety as much as possible.

If, on the other hand, these symptoms are the result of adrenal fatigue and have their origin in hormonal imbalances that cause these problems, it will be necessary to start therapy with bioidentical hormones. Our medical team will be in charge of studying each specific case and will indicate the appropriate dosage for the beginning of the treatment.

As we have seen, adrenal fatigue is a problem that can affect anyone at any age. If you also think you may have this syndrome, request a free assessment appointment with our specialists and start treating this problem related to stress and anxiety.

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