What is calorimetry and what is the relationship between colors and personality

Colors are a person’s business card to the world and colorimetry is that method that is part of everyday life that helps us to harmonize clothing and accessories, among other things. Every time a person uses the correct colors, there is a rejuvenating and vitality effect.

That is why we want to show you how you can take advantage of the range of colors, taking into account some factors so that you always look your best, both indoors and outdoors. When we look good, well, we feel the same, changing the perception we have of situations.

What is colorimetry? 

Colorimetry is part of image advice and studies all the colors that can favor each person, this is in relation to their own tones and which are determined by the eyebrows, eyes, skin and hair. It must be taken into account that our colorimetry does not change throughout life, only the intensity can vary, since if the person is cold, it will always be like that and the same happens when that person is warm.

To make a diagnosis of colorimetry, the first thing is to determine if the person’s colors are generally cold or warm. To do this, what many specialists do is place two cloths on the neck and observe what happens to the face. When the gold-colored cloth is used and not too many imperfections are noticed, on the contrary, certain features are highlighted, it means that warm tones look good. When the same happens, but with the silver cloth, it indicates that the tones that are cold favor more.

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What are the cold and warm colors?

Cold colors are those associated with the cold season, within the chromatic circle these are colors related to blue in all its shades. On the one hand there are the pure colors such as blue and on the other, there are to which a touch of light is added, this would be the case of light blue, lavender, grayish violet. Warmer tones are more associated with yellow, orange, and wine red.

When a color is correct, your mouth, the whiter smile, and the luminous eyes are most likely to be seen better. Stains or marks are corrected, even the shape of the face changes, although all this depends on each person. Color also helps with visual memory, not only does it make things look cute, it allows us to find everything more quickly. This would be one more reason to want to sort things by color.

Does the color you wear influence how you feel? 

Colors are essential when creating a good image. When you feel good, that is what you reflect. Perhaps you can feel more confident and happy with certain types of clothes and colors, since they generate a series of positive experiences. However, there must be consistency between the time and the place where you will be.

For example, if you are looking for work and you wear yellow or red (except that the work is in the creative area or cinema) it will make a very strong impression, make the other see you immediately. Also, a person dressed in red is not very cooperative, so the best thing is that there is a balance. For work you should opt for neutral colors, while for romantic dates softer tones such as pink.

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Colors and their relationship with moods

You don’t need to have to dress in one color to reap its benefits, just include a few details. Nor do they have to be related to clothing all the time, it can be in the decorations of the house or the flowers. Below we explain what sensations a certain color can transmit.

Yellow and orange

Yellow is a color that is related to sunlight, vitality and energy, being one of the most cheerful of the chromatic circle. It is usually used in the promotion of products for children and leisure, it is also associated with money and abundance. Similarly, orange conveys happiness and is ideal to use with black or accessories, while in dark spaces or with little natural light it helps provide life.

Pink and magenta

Pink is a color that conveys innocence and tranquility. They are ideal for work and love themes, as it is similar to the color of the skin, which makes it sensual by creating an effect of nudity. In men they are useful for the summer, as well as in free time, which can be in a tie or shirt. Magenta helps to lift energy, but when it is very strong, it can make blemishes accentuate on the face.

Red and green

Red represents blood, strength, passion and power. It generates energy and makes the person feel more attractive and sexual, symbolizing what is irresistible. As it is a dominant shade, it allows it to take center stage by surrounding it with neutral colors. While light greens attract calm, they are related to nature, tranquility and health. The dark ones are also associated with life and free time.

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Brown and gray

Brown allows you to connect with the earth, makes the person unpretentious or ambitious, so it is not recommended much for business. On the other hand, gray is a stable and reserved color, it is timeless and that is why it is often used in offices. It is not good for those who feel sad, since it generates melancholic feelings.


This color represents honesty and commitment, it is part of the cold palette. Those that are blue are good for bedrooms, as they have calming effects. While dark tones tend to reduce space. As for the wardrobe, midnight blue is the one that most stylizes the figure, better than black.

Black and white

White represents perfection, innocence, integrity and peace, it is the color of freedom and divinity. Black symbolizes the pressure to evolve and be able to get out of the comfort zone, also discipline. When a person wears black he shows authority and is sexy, especially when wearing lace underwear.

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