What Is Diabetes
What Is Diabetes

Want to know what is diabetes? Diabetes is a disorder of our internal system wherein the body manages to break down sugar into glucose; however, it is unable to move this glucose into the blood cells. Typically, our metabolic system works in the following manner, the food that we eat is digested, and the sugar is broken down into simple sugar, i.e. glucose. 

This glucose is absorbed in the blood cells and is converted into energy. This job of moving the glucose into blood cells (to generate energy) is performed by a hormone called insulin. However, in a diabetic patient, the production of insulin is disturbed. This means that the body cannot move the glucose into the bloodstream. This unutilized glucose is not converted into energy and accumulates in the system and causes the diabetic condition.

What Is Diabetes Type?

There are two main types ofdiabetes, type 1 and type 2. In Type 1, the patients cannot produce insulin at all. In the case of Type 2, patients can produce insulin, but it is not effective. It fails to move the glucose into the blood cells. In either case, the patient is administered insulin into the bloodstream through injections or medicines. The frequency of dosage depends on the severity of this disease. However, the intake of insulin is mandatory for both types of diabetes.

Sometimes, diabetes occurs during pregnancy. In most cases, such diabetes is temporary. The condition corrects itself after childbirth. However, you would need some medication to control it during pregnancy.

Are you wondering what is diabetes during pregnancy called? It is known as gestational diabetes, and the system requires two to three times more insulin than a normal person does. This imbalance in insulin causes diabetes in expectant mothers. There are no particular symptoms or signs like Type 1 and Type 2diabetes. 

Since there are no symptoms, diabetes can go undetected during pregnancy, so it is important to check the glucose levels at regular intervals. If your gynecologist fails to conduct the test, it is recommended that you insist on one. Regular monitoring helps to keep a check on this condition. In addition, you should pay attention to your diet, weight gain, and insulin dosage.

What Is Diabetes Monitoring?

Diabetes can be monitored through blood tests. One of the common types of test is for checking sugar. Blood samples are taken twice, once on an empty stomach (known as fasting), and later after having a complete meal. There is one more type of blood test, known as a glucose tolerance test (GTT). It is quite painful since the blood samples are taken at least 5 to 6 times. During the test, the patient is asked to drink glucose, and the samples are taken to see how much glucose the body can tolerate.

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