Who is not grateful in the little, much less will be with better things

Every day more people focus on the material and live with the misconception that if you can’t get certain things, you just can’t be happy. They even live on and for money, to the point where family, partner and friendship relationships can be broken. Although being happy is the purpose of all, because no one wishes for themselves that life goes badly, we simply forget small details that are actually more important and for which we should feel immensely lucky.

Several studies have succeeded in showing that most people make a mistake in choosing their path to happiness. As we have already mentioned, it is quite common to see how they focus their personal development on financial success, which is not bad, since we have the right to improve the living conditions for ourselves and the people around us. But the mistake lies in leaving aside other fundamental aspects. Making the scale in our life not so balanced and by the time we realize it, perhaps too much time has passed.

Is money synonymous with happiness?

Money will not make you happy, simply because it was not designed for it, it is just a tool that provides comfort and makes life a little easier. That is why we are currently looking for a job that generates good income, since it is the only purpose to achieve. Even if life is completely empty and many dreams, projects or hobbies that were once considered to be fulfilled are put aside.

Nor does it mean that having money makes you unhappy and bad, what is really bad is how it has been used. Then it is not a guarantee of anything, you can be rich and happy, rich and unhappy, poor and happy, poor and unhappy. Perhaps this obsession with relating happiness to money is due to the distorted image shown by the media. Where those who live in better conditions and are beautiful do not have major problems. Job insecurity, unemployment and fear of the future also play a role.

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What do I need to be happy?

Happiness is a state of mind and we can acquire it by working with dedication day after day. Just as we seek methods to improve our living conditions, we should do the same to improve our level of happiness. Try to be grateful for what you get in the moment, to enjoy each achievement, as well as the company of others. Make each moment in your life meaningful and thus bring learning to improve.

Remember that happiness is not automatic, nor is it a grace received, in the same way keep in mind that money is not a misfortune and that by achieving it we do not necessarily harm others and ourselves. Like any tool, it depends on how it is used. For example, only we decide if a knife is used to hurt or to cut an apple and share it.

In conclusion 

Money is also a tool that reflects how you really are and what your personality is, if you are generous you will surely continue to be, even at higher levels, also if you are a selfish person then you will continue to be. So what is the secret? Do not look outside what you cannot find inside.

Although economic stability takes an important place in life, it should not be the central axis, because when seeking to earn and earn more, there are no dreams or hobbies to fulfill that generate certain feelings that can be compared with nothing.

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