Why should men know their partner’s menstrual cycle?

Menstruation and fertility are an important part of the life of any woman, but the understanding of this issue by the couple should also take a greater role. This allows you to form relationships with a higher level of connection, since several physical and emotional changes occur each month. So, a menstrual period ends up being a cycle for two, it is something that is part of female nature and it is necessary to learn to live with it so that both can feel comfortable and happier.

The reality is that few men are interested in knowing what the menstrual cycle is like in a woman and it not only has to do with couple relationships, but also with their daughters or sisters. On rare occasions it is the father who talks about this topic. For some women it is a difficult stage to cope with and it would be worse without a partner who supports and understands them, but for that it is also good to make them participate in those they are feeling. In this article we will give you basic information about what men and women should know about the menstrual cycle.

Reasons to know the menstrual cycle

The idea that the male gender knows about the menstrual cycle is beneficial for the couple, since it increases trust, understanding, communication and in general the relationship tends to strengthen. Although at times it can be complicated, since each woman is different and not all months are the same, having basic knowledge can help to better cope with the situations that are generated as the days go by.

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Allow them to be more empathetic

Throughout the cycle there will be various changes in the woman’s emotions and having that knowledge will help them to understand them better. During the bleeding phase your progesterone levels drop significantly and this makes you feel more agitated. Estrogen also drops during this time and the energy level will be at the lowest point. Just as it is normal that you do not feel so well due to pain and tenderness in the breasts.

Here it is good to practice patience, try to find subtle ways to express your affection instead of being aggressive. It is also important to give her some space, you can be there for her, but do not try to impose your own hours. In the same way, communication is essential when it comes to knowing what you would like to do and what really bothers you, even some couples decide to have sex during this stage.

You will avoid unnecessary discussions

All those hormonal changes that a woman goes through will make some months calm, while others can be quite intense, even several of the cycles will pass without frights. Understanding that and learning to get to know the couple will help to increase empathy. The man will be more prepared to understand the situation, help in everything they need and thus avoid several fights.

They will know which are the most fertile days

Knowing how the menstrual cycle works and what occurs in each of the phases will allow men and women to have greater clarity on what days of the month the probability of achieving pregnancy is high. Especially if what you are looking for is a baby, although it is also a form of natural family planning. This is based on abstaining from penetrative sex during the period that is considered fertile.

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They could identify when something is not normal

Knowing how a woman’s body works in general during the month and what the symptoms are is beneficial for both of you. In this way, it will help the couple to identify possible anomalies that indicate if there is a health problem that requires medical attention. All of this has to do with a lack of menstruation, bleeding between periods, and heavy flow. If excessive pain and other alarming symptoms appear.

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