Your baby’s first steps: How should we fit them?

The stage of crawling and first steps is undoubtedly one of the most important for a baby, and therefore, it is also for us who always want the best for our little ones. It is at this moment, where we begin to ask ourselves, how should we wear them? Which shoe is the most suitable at this important time in their lives? They are very common questions and whose answer is more important than we think, since we will influence the correct growth of our little ones.

Your baby's first steps

Therefore, taking our children with quality baby shoes is of crucial importance, as well as choosing ones that leave freedom to the foot and ankle of our babies, since in this way they can perform the natural movement when walking in their first steps. Knowing this, let’s dig a little deeper into what shoes they should wear according to the stage they are in.

When should we start fitting our baby?

This is a question that many mothers and fathers ask, and really, it is much simpler than we think. During the first six months of life of our babies, it is not necessary to wear any type of footwear, on the contrary, there are many mothers who decide during this time to wear their bare feet and outdoors.

However, we know that they can not always go barefoot, since on cold days they must wear their warm and warm feet. Therefore, the baby shoes that they must wear at this stage are the patucos. It must be a light and comfortable footwear, with a very thin sole so that it does not bother them and with very soft materials to avoid any type of chafing on their feet.

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Shoes or sneakers for baby in their first steps?

When the time comes, our little ones will begin to take their first steps, and that is when the footwear they wear will be decisive for their correct growth. At this stage, many babies go to kindergarten and the footwear that first comes to mind are baby sneakers, thinking that with them, they will be comfortable and well shoehorned. However, and although it seems unbelievable, it is not always the best option. As the name suggests, sports shoes are for sports, and it is not the most suitable footwear for a baby who is starting to walk.

Your baby's first steps: How should we fit them?

This does not mean that they can not wear them in their day to day, on the contrary, they are very comfortable and flexible shoes that will make them walk as if they did not wear anything, but they can not wear them every day to go to the nursery, so it would be best to alternate them, and wear the right footwear for each situation or time of day and not always sports shoes.

Alternatives to baby sports. How to choose a baby shoe?

The best alternative to a baby sneaker for your nursery days or your first steps, is a sports shoe, which has an informal aesthetic but with a shoe last. These shoes should preferably have a series of characteristics that will make our little ones develop their feet without problems in the footsteps and without unnecessary pain.

First, it is very important that they are made of quality materials. Leather or natural cotton shoes will help perspiration, thus preventing their feet from sweating and the appearance of chafing or the dreaded fungi in their pieces, which can be caused by plastics and other synthetic materials.

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In addition, it is crucial that the soles are flexible and non-slip, which will help them prevent falls. If we fit our babies with too wide soles, they will not be able to flex the foot correctly, and therefore, they will perform unnatural movements on their feet that can generate malformations or pains during their growth. It is also interesting to choose shoes with buttresses on the heel, as it will help them provide stability without being too rigid, and thus help them in the difficult task of starting to walk alone.

Last but not least, we have to choose the type of closure that your baby shoes should have. It is not as difficult a task as it seems, simply, we must use a closure that correctly fits the shoes at their feet, without dancing or being loose. They can be laces or Velcro, the important thing is that they wear their baby shoes well secured at the foot.

Finally, we must highlight the importance of buying the right size for our baby’s feet. It is especially important not to buy shoes that are too large, with the excuse of buying a shoe that lasts longer. The shoe must have a margin of half a centimeter in length, so that it is neither fair nor too large, and thus have several months of margin until the next change of size that, as they grow, will slow down and will not be so followed.